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Mysterious Wetlands: The Gateway

Just a quick sketch...
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kinda reminds me of lineage 2 game map part, called swamp of screams, ofc this artwork looks more badass and more detailed, but still has some resemblance
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Congratulations! Gold Cup (Animated) by Lacerem

Your wonderful art has been placed in our Featured folder. Congratulations!

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No prints of this one?
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So quiet all sudden...
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This atmosphere is just perfect! Youre really impressive. :O
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Awesome. The birds help give it scale.
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It reminds me of a trading card game I used to play: Magic: The gathering. Nice work !! Keep it up !
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This reminds me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus, for some reason. That's not a bad thing, though, because both this and that game are absolutely gorgeous *_*
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Hallo! You've been featured here :iconamazing-arches:… :heart:
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Hi! your work has been featured here [link] :heart: :hug:
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this would take me a decade, and it still wouldn't be half as fantastic as this!
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Aye, the title says it all, splendid work
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Just like I imagine them in my book. :D
FerdinandLadera's avatar
:D thanks for the comment.
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A quick sketch? How long is quick to you?? This looks incredible
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I am amazed at the detail, awesome job!
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just a quick sketch...:-?
:shakefist: lol
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beautiful lights!
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