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Fantasy environment
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6000x3000px 17.78 MB
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Wonderful !!
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What dimensions does this print at?  I am looking to buy a canvas of this as it fits very well with a themed room we have, but I want to ensure the image is of high enough pixels so that it prints with clarity and no pixilation.  If I get at 24x60 its $154, so I am a little concerned that it will work.  Complete faith, but I figured I should ask just in case.  For something at this size I am thinking UHD 4k equivalent 3840 pixels × 2160 lines.

Never mind, found the specifications on the side, 6000 x 3000 got it thanks.  Image Size: 17.8 MB.

Thanks for having such as wonderful image.  I am glad you are allowing prints, many people do not.
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Intresting...Nod Clap  
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This is so dreamlike and beautiful :)
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Incredible but expensive
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That's definitely the most beautiful artwork I have seen all my life... Pwease 
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Absolutely fantastic picture, the details and colours are amazing...;) (Wink) 
Beautiful work, greatly done...Clap 
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is it raining? I like the overall color combination however I can't tell if those blue dots on the left are supposed to be raindrops or insects
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So magical, good job :D
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Reminds me of something from Avatar. :)
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I love the amazing colors that you use, and those ghost-like antelope make this picture so much more dynamic! I love this piece of artwork!
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Great piece of artwork! Really stunning 😍
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So beautiful':)
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What drawing tablet do you use?
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Wow, so lovely and magical :3 phenomenal job. 
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