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Achtorjah Mountain

Fantasy landscape illustration

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Wow, that is a beautiful use of color!
Nice! Can I use it in my game?
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it's beautiful, I immediatly thought of the mona lisa behind mountains
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Whoa o.o You draw such stunning landscapes/environments!
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Absolutely breathtaking!
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Hi, me name is Genesis.
I like painting using photoshop or others, but I think buy a graphic tablet for improve me results.

So, What graphic tablet that you recommend me? And, What's your?

Remember, I never before used any.
Thanks guy!
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I'm not an expert but the most popular graphic tablets nowadays are Wacom's.
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Fantastic work! Clap
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Beautiful hues, the dark pastels if that's the word I want give such life to the piece without being overbearing, and as such add quite the realism aspect.
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Jeez, can I just live in your brain world? Absolutely gorgeous, love the birds~
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love that scattered lighting, and the colours are beautiful, great job
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OMG so beautiful! could i please use this in a video? it is so awesome and it goes perfectly with the song! please i will give all credits to you!
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This is so beautiful!
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