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Wolf pack dynamics



Just to make your life a little bit easier, I made this pretty quickly for everyone that’s interested about wolf pack dynamics at all. Some people might have different opinions about this, but this is what I’ve gathered from all those hours of research that I’ve done.

So, Wolf pack is usually put into four or three sections

First and the highest one is Alpha pair, that consists of Alpha and his mate. Mate is not ranked much higher than a regular beta but it’s the only one to share a special kind of bond with an alpha.

Second is Betas, it consists of the most trusted wolves of the pack, ones that are most likely to become next alpha if the current one dies.

Third and controversial one is Subordinates, that consist just of neutral wolves of the pack. In some versions people make betas and subordinates into same section, but still there would be ‘higher betas’ as known as the most trusted of the pack.

Omega. There is just one omega in one pack. It’s the weakest one of the pack and usually treated in same level as cubs since it seems to have silly and comical behavior. Some call it as the comic of the pack.

Feel free to spread this if you found this useful.
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This is neat, although I heard differently about the omega. What I read was that Omega's are the lowest ranking member of the pack, the most submissive and always the one picked on by everyone else. The omega is also usually forced to wait until last in order to eat. Read it from some random wolf information books in the library, although I suppose the interpretation could vary based on the observer.