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A picture with the wing folded. I really like how it looks folded (and a million thanks to Dragan and Endymion who invested some extra effort into making it look like an actual wing, you know, like something that came off a real bird - or an angel, or an extraterrestrial hyper-intelligent being with a superiority complex).

The background is an actual screenshot from "Advent Children", by the way.

P.S. I managed to plaster Cersei's Smirk™ onto Sephiroth too. Oh well. 

My Facebook page:…

Main project supporter and chief crafter: Endymion…
Wing designed and constructed by Dragan Lisica…
Shoulder armor by Shunak and yours truly
Coat by Ana&Marina…
Makeup by Ljubica Mirković
Masamune by Ender
Pic by Aleksandar Jovković, edited by Tenshi…

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Nice Sephiroth Cosplay!