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If I look seriously pissed off in this picture - like, as if I'm ready to charge and beat the crap out of that annoying blond boy with his stupid oversized sword - there's an awesome reason for that. In this very moment, as our photographer Sale was getting ready to take the shot, Endymion - my one and only cospartner who was the chief crafter and costume handler for Project Sephiroth, and who was with me in the studio helping out with the shooting - decided to lift up the atmosphere and play some music. He put on the "One-winged Angel" theme, turning the volume up to the max - and of course I had to react as if I suddenly found myself in the middle of a fight, glaring in hate, ready to take any challenge head on.

Moral of the story: always listen to the appropriate music when doing studio photoshoots, guys. Because nothing helps you turn into a villain better than a choir ominously chanting in Latin.

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Main project supporter and chief crafter: Endymion…
Wing designed and constructed by Dragan Lisica…
Shoulder armor by Shunak and yours truly
Coat by Ana&Marina…
Makeup by Ljubica Mirković
Masamune by Ender
Pic by Aleksandar Jovković, edited by Tenshi…
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