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Alsera Tzuli - OC Star Wars

By feralknights
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I RP on a Star Wars game and I'm setting up to get Jedi Battle Armor, I was doing some alternate outfits + the armor and I decided to layer it up a bit-- I started with a Miranda Lawson-esque suit and then layered on the belt and armor, buttcape and loincloth, and then scarf and hood.  I'm thinking that the armor might also end up being breakaway so if it's damaged or otherwise needs to be removed she can kind of strip off parts as she goes to avoid being bogged down too much.  
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Impressive design!
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This is really cool! I like how you took the time to show...I guess her underarmor (dunno what to call it) before she got on the chestplate and belt, and cape and such.

Costume design really interests me, and this looks super good!
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Thank you very much!  I like thinking about how bits and pieces fit together and blend-- sometimes it ends up being the bane of my existence, but when I get done, I'm usually very satisfied with what comes out of it. :)