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New Zealand
I am the rarest of all, a sane rational person!

Don't you find it strange how people fill out bios on here with some labels they give people, often based on marital status, as if that mattered at all in this online setting, and so, so many, have profile comments enabled but all deleted or hidden, with a profile person commenting "Only friends may comment here" as if they have something to hide, what have they got to hide? The fact they don't have any friends? Haha, you have no friends. At least i publicly acknowledge that i have no friends, completely unlikable, loved by no-one. Who's passing shall not be mourned.
Comment if you like, i don't care. Tell me i'm a terrible person, i'd enjoy it if you can post a picture of your tears and how much sorrow my existence brings you.
Remember, do unto others have they have done unto me!


Made this on a spur of the moment.  There isn't a .blend or .ojb file for it though.  Just in case you wanted to use it in non-ogre...  Heck i don't even own the... questionable texture on it.
[Mini Gun blade on leg]
offset_f=-0.5 0.7 0.4
rotation_f=270 -90 180
offset_c=-0.5 0.7 0.8
rotation_c=270 91 0
Proto Jetpack
This might have everything you need?
Including a file that you can maybe open in blender & remodel this for your own needs.. 
Feel free to reuse this for anything that is even vaguely fun.

offset_f=-0 1.5 -1
rotation_f=270 180 0
offset_c=-0 1.5 -1
rotation_c=270 180 0
Oil Lamp Item (feralheart) mesh
This comes as a item mesh, and object mesh set up with lite & unlit versions.  Calibrated for feralheart, but there is an .obj file for people who want to mod it for other games.  And trust me, you'll want to change something about it.  The way i made it, it wasn't casting light from the flame without making the glass look funny.  Took days to conclude itt wouldn't work the way i liked in FH.  Other games it might with a little work.
And you might want to replace the rusty texture with something better.       

[Oil Lamp]
offset_f=0 0.7 -0.1
rotation_f=110 -0 0
offset_c=0 0.7 0.4
rotation_c=135 -1 0


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