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Can anyone here tell me if there's a dA group like this for writing? I'd be much obliged.
I have no idea, sorry. I think FERAL was pretty unique for the type of job briefs it put out. I wouldn't even know how to search for one.
Ah well. Thanks anyways. I support stuff like FERAL, and I wish you all a bunch of luck; yay artists!
Cheers, bud. But FERAL has kinda disbanded. The group is in mothballs.
So this group is all about doing collab stuff? I could get behind that. My style is pretty cute, but I'd be in on joining if you'll have me!
No, it's not a colab group. Certain aspects are open to it but it's actually all about working to a common brief.
Ah, well I can get behind any community that encourages artist to work and think together if you looking for new members.