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Once again, Inktober is over, and overall it was pretty good. As with last year's drawings, I made a lot of mistakes but I'm happy with a lot of the pieces, and the point of the challenge is to improve, not to make perfect drawings, so I did okay. I made major errors on days 7 and 28, which meant I had to salvage what I could, and was close to giving up a couple of times. A lot of my original ideas went out the window, so I may use them for other drawings in the future. A common theme in my drawings from 2016 was a lack of background detail, so I tried to focus more on the backgrounds and environments this time around. I had days when I started too late to do what I had planned, and there were other days when I couldn't settle on an idea; I combined the official prompts again this year, taking the given prompt and the prompt for seven days later, which gave me a few weird combinations. Following on from last year, I set out with the intention that everything I drew existed in the same universe, which was oftentimes restricting, but I'm looking forward to fleshing out the concepts to create a cohesive world. If I do the challenge again next year, I intend to expand it once again, but I got some ideas from some of the other pieces I saw this year, so who knows what direction I'll go in

Here is the complete set of this year's drawings, which I originally uploaded via my Instagram account 

Flocktober by FeralDoodle Hyde and Shriek by FeralDoodle Giganticore by FeralDoodle Day 4 by FeralDoodle Day 5 by FeralDoodle Day 6 by FeralDoodle Day 7 by FeralDoodle Day 8 by FeralDoodle Day 9 by FeralDoodle Day 10 by FeralDoodle Day 11 by FeralDoodle Day 12 by FeralDoodle Day 13 by FeralDoodle Day 14 by FeralDoodle Day 15 by FeralDoodle Day 16 by FeralDoodle Day 17 by FeralDoodle Day 18 by FeralDoodle Bubble and Squeak by FeralDoodle Day 20 by FeralDoodle Day 21 by FeralDoodle Day 22 by FeralDoodle Brainstorm by FeralDoodle Day 24 by FeralDoodle Day 25 by FeralDoodle Day 25 by FeralDoodle Day 27 by FeralDoodle Day 28 by FeralDoodle Day 29 by FeralDoodle Day 30 by FeralDoodle Day 31 Halloween by FeralDoodle

Outside of Inktober, I have various other ideas for the upcoming months, but nothing is currently set in stone. I'm probably going to take the next week off to do prepwork, but I intend to post more regularly after that, even if just a couple of times a week. I'm still uploading to YouTube  and have some plans for new content I want to upload, so more on that as it comes.

So that's all for now, thanks for stopping by


AJ Malkin
Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi everyone, I'm Adi, short for Adrian,
otherwise known as FeralDoodle
(or Aldo if you want something to shorten it to).

If you're interested in seeing my older artwork, you can find it on my other account: Wooded-Wolf

I'm also on Tumblr, where you can read my Webcomic, and see my other artwork, and on Twitter

You can soon support me on Patreon! (updates coming)Donate



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Thank you so much for the watch! Neko Emoji-17 (Happy) [V1] by JerikutoYour support means a lot to me and helps me to improve my skills :D
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No need to thank me; your artwork is inspiring
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