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Africa Chapter 3 Cover + PREORDERS OPEN! by ARVEN92
Into the Beyond - Cover by Artistically-Unreal
Ill Carry You North by Kimba-chii
Beneath The Shadows - Page 6 by CheetahW
Chakra, Battle Of The Titans
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 476-477 (Finale) by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 475 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 474 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 473 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 221 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 220 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 219 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 218 by ARVEN92
The Blackblood Alliance
The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 02: Page 10 by KayFedewa
The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 02: Page 11 by KayFedewa
The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 02: Page 12 by KayFedewa
The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 02: Page 13 by KayFedewa
Iridescent Hearts
Iridescent hearts_rework p8 by Nobunnyvirus
Iridescent Hearts_Rework p7 by Nobunnyvirus
Iridescent Hearts_Rework p6 by Nobunnyvirus
Iridescent Hearts_Rework p5 by Nobunnyvirus
King of Wolves
King of Wolves - Sojourn Ch.2 Pg.3 by animeWolffreak23
King of Wolves - Sojourn ch.2 Pg.2 by animeWolffreak23
King of Wolves-Sojourn ch.2 pg.0 Prelude by animeWolffreak23
King of Wolves - Sojourn Ch.2 Pg.1 by animeWolffreak23
BluBloods Page 174 by Blu-Blood
BluBloods Page 173 by Blu-Blood
BluBloods Page 172 by Blu-Blood
BluBloods Page 171 by Blu-Blood
War Dogs
War Dogs page 7 by R0adRunt
War Dogs page 8 by R0adRunt
War Dogs page 9 by R0adRunt
War Dogs page 4 by R0adRunt
Kitsune Of Death
KoD page 6 by wolffoxin
Soul Warriors
Chapter 1 Page. 20 by Nekoyasha12
Awka- extra 6 by Nothofagus-obliqua
Celestial Nuclear Fluorescent Benediction
TCBFoRV Page 13 by knux33
Bonfire Hearts
Redwood Ref by PetrichorCrown
Just Birds
Just Birds (Page3 Panel1) by TheDrawingMorgs
A Factor Of X
Soul's Journey
Eziagoth, Call of the Rune
Eziagoth - Call Of The Rune - Page 22 by shirogu5
Great Beginnings
DiRT CH.3 pg.112 by TheRockyCrowe
What's Your Damage
What's Your Damage | Page 2 by FrostedCanid
3 page by Gryphon8
Goldenstar's Choice
Goldenstar's Choice- Page 6 by RussianBlues
Sage and Edelweiss
Friendly Sparing, Page 6 by Bananslama1
Katinka - Chronicles of NeoPaneruga
Katinka - Chapter 35 - Page 5 by JB-Pawstep
The Entity
The Entity pg. 5 by VioStarkiller
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 92 by KillerSandy
The Mountains
The Fate of The Stars
| The Fate of the Stars | - Prologue - by HoneyyDream
Knights of Fenrisulfr
Soothsayer's Soldiers
Red- the Journey of A Stray
||Unravelled||Prologue||PG 3|| by Gh0stys
AMARITH - Chapter One by Eredhys
D I O X I S - Page 9 - EN by RigelWeiss
Chronicles of Forever
Chronicles of Forever, Page 60 by IndigoCascade
Isle of Dame
Another Life
Another Life-p16 by TheDarkHyena
Moonlit Dawn- A Mythical Tale
Moonlit Dawn Chapter 3 by Wolven-Sister
Written in bones
Written in bones map by WhiteWolfJordanna
Delmar's Storyline
Dsl Part 5 page 2 by YouAreNowIncognito
A Journey For Junior
A Journey For Junior // Page 1 by PeriwinkleGhost
Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not | Page 11 by Croozie
Simbol 76 English by Zoba22
Bloodstone, Chapter 1, Bloodkin Curse Page 3 by shirogu5
In Claws Of Mythology
In Claws of Mythology page 56 by Selene984
Soulless Chapter 2 Cover by Polarade
Chap2 : BrOken MemOries page 10 by Taikgwendo
Mirror chapter2 pg3 by ProaniaPL
Lamb's Teeth - Dodia Arniou
Lamb's Teeth Page 9 by foxspitt
The Ones In One Hundred
A Grimm Tail
A Grimm Tail page 4 by Azurethekitty
Echoes of the Past
Eotp page 22 by Unarla
School of Insanity
Dark Revolution
Dark Revolution - Page 106 by IceriftFyera
Human [C1] Page 73 by neko-systeme
The Spirit of Ethil
The spirit of Ethil P19 by Lunewen
Faceless Truth
Faceless Truth Chapter 1 page 14 by 56horse
The Curse of the Sign
TCOTS part 24 by AhikuWolf
The Storm is Rising
Raptor, page 99 by ElenPanter
Bloody War
Bloody War - Extra 1 - 12 by NaokoHara
Game of The Cursed
Game of The Cursed Volume 1-2-89 by lunarxCloud
The Last Promise
The Last Thylacine
TLT page 17 THE END (please read) by LuckyPaw
Sister Sister
Sister Sister-CH 1- 24 by CrystalCircle
The Pony Express
Great Read for Kids: The Pony Express by AN-ChristianComics
Rebellion of the Commons
Rebellion of the Commons: Title Page by Greenpolarbear47
Hold Your Peace
Pysuma's Flames
C.M.'s Rorakem series
Chivalrous Jl1Pg5 by toteczious
Canine comics
Ascend -Chapter 3 Page 42 by ARVEN92
Feline Comics
Chui Meets His Match - Page 3 [COMMISSION] by ARVEN92
Multiple Species Comics
SoY/HoY page 16 by GalaxyMelody
Equine Comics
Everything will be as it always is (page 1/2) by Kelshray
Anthro Comics
Hybridor: Chap 3 Page 41 by Ulta
Fan Comics
WARRIORS: Wings of Reign - Page 23 by Liysterr
Other Animal Comics
TLCH Chapter 3 - Page 98 by Stegodire
Mythological Creatures Comics
Hearts Of Magic Prologue1 by Crow-Faced
Made Up Species Comics
Shadow of Bardel, Pg. 3 - A worried heart by Crow-Faced
Character References
Danielle and Donny 2020 by Goodnight-Kimberly
Comic Illustrations
Beyond The Thornbush [Patreon Sketch Of The Month] by ARVEN92



The Rules!

Please read the rules before joining.

:bulletblue: First off. As the name suggests, this group only focuses on FERAL related comics, where ferals = animals. Comics focusing on humans are not accepted. Humans with kitty ears and tails are NOT animals. However, anthro animals are accepted, as long as they are more animal than human. Werewolves, for example.
:bulletred: NO STEALING. Whatever you post must be 100% made by you, including plot, style and characters (unless it's a fan comic. In that case, you need the permission of the original owner of the characters).
:bulletgreen: NO HARASSING other deviants. Please do NOT start useless fights or I will be forced to ban you from the group.
:bulletyellow: Any media is admitted, either Traditional or Digital!
:bulletblue: Any skill level is admitted, from beginners to professionals! No need to be afraid that your work isn't "good enough". You are still very welcome here!
:bulletred: Please submit to the right folder!. Any deviation submitted to the wrong folder will be declined.
--*Featured*: This folder is open by default to Founders and Co-Founders, but well executed deviations will be chosen to be included in this folder from time to time.
--*Covers*: Even if you have your own folder, all covers go in the Covers folder!
--*Canine comics*: Only features comics that have canines as their main characters. Any type of canine is accepted, wolves, dogs, foxes, jackals, etc. *NOTE*: Hyenas are NOT canines. If you have a comic featuring hyenas, please submit it to "Other animal comics".
----*Feline comics*: Only features comics that have felines as their main characters. Any type of feline is accepted, domestic cats, tigers, lions, leopards, lynxes, etc.
--*Equine comics*: Only features comics that have equines as their main characters. Any type of equine accepted, domestic horses, wild horses, zebras, etc.
--*Multiple species comics*: Features comics that have several animals of different species as main characters. If you are telling a story about, say, a cat and a dog, submit the pages into this folder instead of the Canine or Feline one.
--*Anthro comics*: Only features comics that have anthro as their main characters. Please refer to the definition of "anthro" at the top of the rules.
--*Fan comics*: Folder for ANY comic which stars a character that doesn't belong to you. This folder has priority over the other folders: if you have a "The Lion King" fan comic, its pages DO NOT go to "Feline comics", but to Fan comics. Similarly, if you have a "My Little Pony" fan comic, its pages DO NOT go to Equine comics, but to Fan comics.
--*Other animal comics*: For comics that feature animals who don't fit in any of the previous folders: birds, reptilians, bats, viverridae (which includes their close relative, hyenas), mustelidae, fish, marine mammals (whales, orcas, dolphins), invertebrates.
--*Mythological creature comics*: Only features comics that have mythological creatures as their main characters. Dragons, werewolves, kitsune, barghest, and also cryptids.
--*Made up species comics*: For comics whose main characters are creatures that you came up with. In this case, I will ask you to post a reference sheet of your creature to the Char References folder.
--*Character References*: A folder for the reference sheets of the characters that are featured in your comic. Please make sure to only submit references of characters who have ALREADY appeared in at least ONE page of your comic. Moreover, that one page should be submitted to the appropriate group gallery as well. Reference sheets for characters who will appear in future pages are not accepted, until that particular page is submitted to the group.
--*Comic illustrations*: Features drawing that are related to the plot of the comic, or that feature characters that appear in the comic. Random artwork from your gallery or unrelated pictures are not accepted in this folder.
:bulletblue: We DO allow personal folders for your comic. Contributors get theirs for free, and Members can obtaining one by donating 15 :points: to ARVEN92 . However, if you do want to have a personal folder, you must have TEN (10) pages of your comic already done.
:bulletgreen: Comics starring humans may be allowed, but ONLY if the main/most important character is an animal.
:bulletyellow: Violence and gore are accepted, but PLEASE, put a mature filter on.
:bulletblue: No hentai/yaoi/obvious sexual references of any kind.

Group Info

This is a group about all kinds of comics starring animals. If you have one or are just willing to read some, join today!
Founded 10 Years ago
Aug 2, 2011


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