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The Commander

Finally here is the full set!!!! This armor is composed of over 600 pieces taht were all hand carved and painted. It was a pretty long job but so worth it! 

This character is the commander of a huge fort named Fort Élode at the event Brumelance. The runes carved in is tassets are actual runes at the event that people use for magic.

We do hope you like it :D
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does anyone know where I can have this kind of armor made?   like what's shown in the pics above these messages?
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You can visit our Facebook page and make a special inquiry
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but if I may ask...which material? for maybe a future purchase
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It's made of leather :)
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Thank you! Awesome!
So when are you guys going to start working for Weta Workshop? ;)
Wow, this is fantastic work, I look forward to seeing all of your updates!!
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Great work as always. 
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That's beautiful! How are you getting the pelt to sit so nicely?!
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aint that mainly 
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Wow! It's amazing :D (Big Grin) love the carvings! 
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great! I love the design! ^^
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Absolutely amazing!!
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That is incredible! I imagine this is hundreds of pounds of work that I am looking at here?
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Thank you!! Took about a full month of atleast 10hours a day of work but it is worth it :)
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I particularly love the transition into scales in the sleeves
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