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Griffon celtic armor

Here is the final result for the griffon theme armor. You can really see the plate spaulders we did on this picture. EVERYTHING in this picture is made by us.

This set is composed of 2 leather scabbard, plate spaulders, plate bracers, scale tasset, a leather helmet, a celtic vest, viking tunic, a large belt, plate greaves and a leather cape with coyote :)

Celtic plate greaves by Feral-Workshop Celtic griffon helm by Feral-Workshop Viking tunic and armored belt :) by Feral-Workshop Celtic bracers by Feral-Workshop 
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So pretty, down to every detail, fluidly portraying the celticae :)
Besides the simple fact that this Armor is very well done and absolutely-what Americans call- The Bees knees, is it historical accurate?
SchmiedeTraum's avatar
Wow - really nice detail work.
DymondStarr's avatar
I'm in love.
Awesome work.
Tariray's avatar
GUH - outstanding.. I... can't... even...
SweetnSour333's avatar
Very handsome! ^-^
Jae-Jae-Hime's avatar
i really need to  comission something from you guys so badly.....for fantasy con...

wait you MADE the tree?! 
MellowSunPanther's avatar
This is one of the best suits of armor I have ever seen.
PaperAnomaly's avatar
oh my God do I need some of this.
Orismer's avatar
it remebers me of skyrim ! good job guys !
Vixenkiba's avatar
Amazing.... I'm loving this :heart:
BUGHS-22's avatar
HAVE-NO-WORDS O_O for this beauty!
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
BUGHS-22's avatar
My English level don't.
You're like a ... a God of Leather O_O
BUGHS-22's avatar
Oh my bad, sorry ^^"
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Haha, it's fine. :)
Feral-Workshop's avatar
beautiful. This reminds of The Elder Scrolls series and LOTR.
Grimmla's avatar
your leather works are both creative and beautiful 
I'm excited to see your other projects as they progress 
Drake-Wyvern's avatar
the awesome made me temporally blind it's that good 
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