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Eagle celtic helmet

Here is a new helmet that we just finished. We used alot of new techniques to create this one. We added metal in the cheek protective pannel and in the faceguard wich makes themmore resistant. We also did a scale protection for the neck. This helmet was done to complet a already existing set. The eagle was the inspiration here :D

Celtic Warrior Shoulder by Feral-Workshop Celtic bracers 2 by Feral-Workshop Eagle Celtic Vest by Feral-Workshop 

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Wow, love the intricate work!
Cubicuate's avatar
Have you made Hurin's helmet.
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This is absolutely beautiful, love it! 
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I love it! Such detailed celtic knotes... it not looks like a helmet of a simple warrier... more like the original from cuchullainns
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Phew..this set looks awesome. Great job there guys. I hope someone from Netflix or HBO sees this. You guys could totally be on the next game of thrones or Marco polo as costume designers.
Great job guys :)
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shit i like this
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That looks like something that would be worn in legend of korra. It looks great! Love the detail and workmanship done on it
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it´s wonderful! 
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Awesome helmet guys! :)
Very nicely crafted set of armor, must look splendid with all the pieces together.
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Wow, really beautiful work.
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Freaking sweet, man.  :)
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This is brilliant! The carving is beautiful! Scales on the back of the helmet are probably my favorite part... What's the braid? Horse hair or synthetic?
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Hi! Thanks so much for the comment :) The braid is made of real horse hair  ^^
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nice! good choice...
SkagetheMage's avatar
Beautiful! whatd you use for the hair?
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thanks, hair is made of real horse hair
SkagetheMage's avatar
Beautiful...Where did you acquire the hair?
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Oh my god  that helmet is so beautiful!
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And pass it on someday
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Wouldn't mind going to war in the armors ya make that's for sure! It's a dying trade in todays world to make great armors so be proud of it!
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