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Dwarf Queen Leather armor

Here is the phothoshoot of the female dwarf armor set. The bear on her shoulder is the one taht made her scars :P I was pretty fun to do this set and we do hope that you like it!

Female dwarf armor by Feral-Workshop 
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This looks absolutely fantastic!
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Looks like you could snap an elf in half at the spine!
cullyferg2010's avatar
Your Majesty, did you actually lose the sight in your right eye, or is that a contact lens for effect?
CenterOfLeft's avatar
Badass Queen! Thou name shall be heard throught the eons! 
cullyferg2010's avatar
And may the bards sing your f**king accolades!
YokoSama's avatar
Really Awesome! How did you get the pelt to stay, for I imagine its rather heavy.
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Firestar24's avatar
Oh my lord, this is so fantastic. This is a wonderful character!
ignavius's avatar
the artist herself?
ignavius's avatar
:) it's so good to see the complete picture. well done.
Well, there is need to add some beard and then the image will be complited - the fat ugly hairy barrel
allthewildways's avatar
I don't see female dwarf cosplays often. This is really cool!
AmberWorks's avatar
The set became so gorgeous! I am totally in love
orehovka's avatar
Wow, awesome! The girl is wearing it attitude, which is also adding to the armor general appeal!
SgtSareth's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic. I feel like I'm looking at an authentic dwarven warrior, and not just some costume.
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This is a caling. I need to answer the call of war
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