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Alfar gown and leather belt

Hey!! So here is an Alfar gown that we made. It is inspired from asian clothing but we adapted it to our own style. We used faux silk to do this gown so it gives it a really rich look. The belt is entirelly made of leather and is our original design. It might seam huge but it is really confortable to wear and really dresses up this suit. The gold is all hand painted ( was really long :P ) and the carvings are hand made. We added a velvet belt under the leather to help with the friction of the leather on the faux silk and also to give it more colour.

Hope you like it :) If you would be interested in having us put this gown for sale on our etsy shop pelase do tell!! We want to know if it would be a good idea :)
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This is a beautiful design!
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Comme dit sur Facebook, c'est tout simplement splendide, bravo ! :D
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Not sure if i mentioned this before or not, but...

Philip Fry (Just take my money) [V2] Shut Up and Take My Money!*^v^*
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Je pense plutot que vous devriez faire une boutique pour habiller les joueurs de votre GN ou les aider a fabriquer des costumes qui fit l'estetique du-dit GN. J'aime bien le look. =)
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C'est un projet qui est déjà en cours. Cette toge risque de faire parti de la collection des alfar :)
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Nice! On vous revois au Salon du Patio Medieval cette année? 
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Everything fits so well together!
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This is super well made!
How much would it cost to get something made by you? @_@
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its truly incredible but I must second the other cementer:/)
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Oh... MY! GOD is this gorgeous! I wanna buy it but shudder at how much this fantastic piece of art would be worth!
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