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Gallery Folders

Little Watermill by T-i-g-g
Merry christmas by the Tribes of Wild by T-i-g-g
Tribes of Wild - Video by T-i-g-g
New head comming soon by T-i-g-g
Tutorials and Free Line Art
f2u canine base by assrat
P2U Base (+F2U version) by Sephiiwrath
f2u l wolf base by klechkodav
[Free] Simple Canine base by Sephiiwrath
Maps and Meshes
Warriors map - 3 camps - now public! by FabouCaribou
l3lueflu's Height Map Commission I by ZombieKitteh
l3lueflu's Height Map Commission II by ZombieKitteh
See you soon.. space catboi by Astralskye
Works in Progress
Cold Season - Ink by JoicyOlszewski
WIP: FH - Double Tail by LittleFelines
Feralheart Pridelands (Updated 11/7/19) by BlazeTheLioness
WIP: FH/PLH - Longhaired Mane by LittleFelines
Presets And Markings
Realistic Preset Attempt by disd0ria
FH Commission for Horrorless #2 by BluuLeopard
FH Commission for FreekiDeeki by BluuLeopard
Sahara [C] by D-ead7Dog
Like Father, Like Daughter by R0odles
The Heir by R0odles
ghost of the dead forest by BARSSYK
Vlad by Daikon-Senpai
Modifications and Downloads
Robot Eye by Nyctenix
Modoru Pridelands Retexture pack by WHlT3FANG
Chimmy's moon mods by Chimles
Remove Preset Sync with Chimmy (Chimles 101) by Chimles
Altered Screenshot
FeralHeart 2018 Halloween Party by LupusKing
FeralHeart 2018 Halloween Party by LupusKing
FeralHeart 2018 Halloween Party by LupusKing
The subtle grace of gravity by ZombieKitteh
Character Profiles

Mature Content

FH John Cooper's Profile (Skillet) by WarriorEyes








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All pictures uploaded onto this group are copyrighted to the FH DA group, if you wish to use our pictures please Note the DA user for permission. If you do not have permission, don't use it!

If you wish to use lineart for suggestions, I repeat. Please give credit in your description with a link back to the artist and the original lineart. If you do not, your suggestion will be removed from the favorites.

Please do not use markings from in the game to make your own custom presets, if you wish to use them please Note the original markings creator.

As we are not allowed to accept any deviations which have the matter of earning money, KovuLKD stated at the beginning of this group, we cant accept any of those. Therefore we wont accept anything that will ask for points or real money. Thank you
Hey guys,

now i apreciate all your work you do in meshing, drawing, sculpting and so on. But please dont try to submit deviations that are not FeralHeart relatet. In drawings we cant really see if the char is from FH or any IT game, so we accept them anyway. But for everything else, like screenshots etc. pp.: Dont submit it here.

Extra addition: Journals are not ment to be submitted to the FeralHearts group. See Nalas comment below.

For IT based stuf there is an overall Impressive Title - Group on DA. Your deviations are warmly welcome there! No matter what IT you pay/run and want to show screenshots, WIPs or whateveridontcare you want to submit. If it is "IT"-Base, you are very welcome to bring it there.…

Thank you :)
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