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!! TODAY !!

The time has come...

...for our sixth Official Feral-Heart Role-Play Day! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! It will be a whole day dedicated to the imagination and diversity of our role-playing community. Whether your characters are realistic, sparkly, canon or original, you are all invited to come together and share in your stories and adventures.

What FHORD is and how it works.
FHORD is a whole 24 hours dedicated to role-playing and anyone can join in. As role-players, you all go out in the maps and role-play to your little fluffy heart's content, staying in character when speaking in the game chats. You pretend that you are your character, and together we create an immersive, creative and diverse world, resemblant of our role-playing community. For more info look here.

Want to help advertise?
We want as many people as possible to join us on this glorious day of roleplaying, so go and spread the word!
Please use this link provided:
Share the link in your signatures, DA journals, blogs, anywhere to spread the word!

If you have any more questions about FHORD you may post in the original FHORD thread and ask away! Alternatively, you can leave a note to the Feral-Heart-Art group! We hope you have fun, floofs!

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I would love love loooove to join on in. I haven't played FH in...over 2 years, and this would be a perfect day to go back!


I have some concerns for FH...

I tried to post a topic on the website, but it got all funky and kept saying "error: something went wrong, please try to log off and back in and try to repost your topic", I did do all that but it *still* didn't let me post it...:/

But ya. That's why I'm a *maybe* about attending.

Hope everyone else has fun if I don't make it!! Meow :3