*Read Before Submission!* Folder Guidelines

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Deviation Actions

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How to Submit
Go to the proper folder, and add your submission. If you submission is declined, it is because you submitted to the wrong folder. Review the folder guidelines and submit again. Please do not ask why your submission was declined.

We have FOUR Main Folders, each with sub-folders for specific deviations. This is to ensure a sorted gallery that's easy for members to sift through. Please follow the guidelines and submit to the proper folders; it's not that hard, and it makes the life of the staff so much easier!

:new: January 19th, 2017 | The sub folder "Music, Miscellaneous mods" have been added to the "Ingame Creations" folder.

:bulletred: Featured
You cannot submit to this folder.

:bulletyellow: Art Gallery
Includes drawings and artwork based around Feralheart.
▶ FH characters / inspired artwork
▶ Roleplay artwork
▶ Drawn posters
▶ Art trades / commissions requested through the FH community

:bulletyellow: Reference Sheets
A place to show case references of FH character(s) / species / etc.
▶ Artwork reference of your character.
▶ Screenshot reference of your character.
▶ Character studies (to an extent)

:bulletyellow: Line Arts, Pay-to-use's
A home for Line Arts and Pay-to-use's
▶ Line arts and P2U's related to FeralHeart and animals.

:bulletyellow: Comics
Drawn/screenshot manipped comics of FH adventures.
▶ FH related comics only

:bulletyellow: Animations, Icons
For you to show your awesome animations and gifs that you've made!
▶ Animated drawings
▶ Animated screenshots
▶ Gif'd screenshots
▶ Animated icons

:bulletyellow: Literature
A place for prose stories, poems, recorded roleplays.
▶ FH related prose, poetry, and roleplays ONLY

:bulletred: First Art Gallery
This was the first Art Gallery folder. It is full and no longer accepting submissions.

:bulletred: Second Art Gallery
This was the second Art Gallery folder. It is full and no longer accepting submissions.

:bulletyellow: Ingame Creations
Anything that you make within the game or using game elements.
▶ Modifications
▶ Animated ingame meshes
▶ Custom interface, skins

:bulletyellow: Meshes, Textures
User-contributed objects and textures for map makers or preset makers.
▶ Meshes
▶ Object texture / retexture
▶ Weather
▶ Fur textures

:bulletyellow: Maps, Worlds
For custom made maps and terrains.
▶ Map downloads
▶ Map WIPs and previews
▶ Terrain masks / Height Maps

:bulletyellow: Presets, Markings
For the custom colored skins and designs for you playable characters.
▶ Any kind of FH presets as long as it's provided by screenshots etc.
▶ Custom made markings - NOT just official markings

:bulletyellow: Screenshot Album
Manipulated screenshots from ingame.
▶ Modified FH screenshots ONLY - must CLEARLY be a modified ingame screenshot!

:new::bulletyellow: Music, Miscellaneous mods
For the custom made in-game music, and other miscellaneous game modifications.

:bulletyellow: Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous contributions to the group and game, such as tutorials, banners, stamps, etc.
▶ FH related stamps
▶ RP / Group Banners
▶ Banners for FH websites

:bulletyellow: Advertisements
A place to advertise events, commissions, RP groups, etc.
▶ FH related journals (only for advertising things like commissions or events)

:bulletyellow: Adoptables, YCH's, Auctions
This is where you can submit any adoptables or auctions you're selling.
▶ Drawn / base adoptables or auctions
▶ Preset adoptables or auctions
▶ YCH's all related to FeralHeart or Inspired.

:bulletyellow:  Temporary Ads
This is the place to show of any live streams. NOTE: submissions are automatically accepted for convenience of the member. However, whenever the livestream / event is over, PLEASE REMOVE your deviation from the group. All deviations will be automatically removed weekly.
▶ Journals / Deviations promoting a livestream
▶ Journals / Deviations promoting a temporary, quick event

:bulletyellow: Tutorials
Tutorials made by users, for users.
▶ Tutorials for art
▶ Tutorials for the game

:bulletyellow: Contests
All of the current and past contests held here.

:bulletorange: *any contest folder*
These will be open only temporarily during the period of the contest.

Removed Gallery Folders
▶ Glitches
▶ Fan Ideas, Concepts
▶ Banners, Stamps (RENAMED to Miscellaneous)
▶ Mods, Custom Skins (RENAMED to Ingame Creations)

© 2011 - 2022 Feral-Heart-Art
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MellowChelloe's avatar
I cant get on. I have been away from Feral-Heart for around 4/5 months, and I tried too get back on again, but it wont let me.
Have I been deleted?
Can I get my account back?
Please help me, my username was/is Elenaeliz.

Im sorry that this shouldnt be posted here, but im desperate after searching for help for like, 2 weeks? Around there.
Crimson-Sanity's avatar
Firstly, did you get the new game update? The old one won't work. If not, then go download it.
Secondly, you have to go on the main website and click 'Play Game' and long in that way or your game won't let you log in. {feralheart.com/login}
I logged into my game and sent you a friend request & it worked, so your accounts not deleted. Just make sure you have the new game update and are logging in correctly. c:
MellowChelloe's avatar
Hopefully downloading version 1.15 is right-
MellowChelloe's avatar
I really hope i can find the download/this works, cuz i havent been on in AGES.
Crimson-Sanity's avatar
Let me know if it works! c:
MellowChelloe's avatar
Its not even letting me download it, i tried torrent and the normal version. i can try again once more, but im not too hopeful..
Crimson-Sanity's avatar
I'm not sure, then. Try contacting a mod/admin.
naturaee's avatar
I was just wondering. With characters, are we allowed to post our characters in the characters folder if the art we did of our characters were made from other bases/lineart?
Delayni's avatar
yes just be sure you credit the base with a link
Redlinelies's avatar
I believe that should be fine, but you must give proper credit to the lineart creator/owner and of course ensure that you are allowed to make one to begin with.
TLKgirl2001's avatar
is it possible to sumbit adoptables here? My friend SkylineThePuma did i think, and im a little stuck wondering a) if i can, following the group rules and b) which folder they'd go in, if any.
Delayni's avatar
yes, it's fine. submit them in the art gallery folder :)
NyaNyaGirlie's avatar
Um..I'm too shy to ask this being a derp and klutz and all. But, can you submit screenshots where you edited it with Paint or..A computer program that edits the shading and recoloring? Sorry, I'm not used to asking this kind of stuff.
bluesonic1's avatar
I'm a forum web designer, and most of my art requests are regarding that; designing forum themes for their FH roleplay. Also I'm planning on making free-to-use themed forum skins for people in FH who have Warrior cat, lion pride or wolf pack roleplays. Where can I submit those in the group?
Delayni's avatar
I'll say submit those to Banners and Stamps. I'll move them accordingly if I need to later on
bluesonic1's avatar
Ok, thanks for that! I wonder if free-to-use designs might not fit well in the Mods and Skins folder as they're technically forum skins?
Delayni's avatar
i've considered that as well, and because of the fact that that folder is for game skins is why i wouldn't put it there. however, banners is stamps is primarily used for sites (as i submit my custom forum banners there sometimes) so i think that'd be the perfect spot for it. in fact, i might even just change that folder to "Forum/Site Designs" or something.
bluesonic1's avatar
Ok, that's understandable, thanks so much for the help :)
Delayni's avatar
Nine-Tails-Fox's avatar
The rules don't make sense. It's frobidden by deviantART's rules to sumbit screenshot of games, unless your the creator. It's sad, but all peoples who do map, preset, sky, marking and etc are doing art theft without knowing it. Unless the screenshot is not modified and in scrap, it's frobidden. Why I say that? Because a friend of mine was banned due to these screenshot. She was doing the same things as every member here: Sharing what she's do for this game. Maybe someone here should read the rules that are here. I don't think you want this group to be reported and taken down because peoples didn't know?
Delayni's avatar
Could you refer me to where the rule is about the screenshots? I have not heard of that rule.
Nine-Tails-Fox's avatar
Sure! =D FAQ #578: What does deviantART consider to be a proper desktop screenshot?
There's other rules that can be added, but it depend on the screenshot. :P
Delayni's avatar
Hmm let's see

"Unaltered, unedited screenshots of video games in-progress are allowed to be placed into your Scrapbook only"

As stated in our rules
"Manipulated screenshots from ingame

We only accept modified screenshots. The DeviantART rules state to put unmodified screenshots in the scrap folder.

About the modified screenshots, it states:
"All users should be aware that the submission of... altered or edited video game screenshots will be considered violations of our copyright policy."

Lets run on over to that Copyright Policy:
"If you have used materials which are owned by other people or companies make certain that you have obtained proper permission or licensing for the use before you place your work online."

I understand that Kov (creator of FH) gave permission for the use of screenshots etc with the release of the game, and as a fellow creator of the game I, too, approve that every member has the right to use their screenshots in any which way they wish.

Now, since your friend was already banned. Have they been giving credit to ~KovuLKD as the creator of the game? It's highly possible that they were reported because people may have thought they claimed ownership of the game.
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