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It's time for another FeralHeart movie night!

:bulletred: Date/Time: TBA
:bulletred: Movie: TBA

Please click the link on the bottom of the page for more info/details!

How does it work?
On the day that a movie is scheduled to play users are invited to meet up in the cinema map, and join in on the movie livestream hosted by one of our lovely FH staff.
The Cinema Map is used to unite all the movie watchers together during the stream and give everyone that fun night at the movie theater feeling, however, keep in mind that the movie does not actually play on the in map theater screen itself.

Look Here for More Information:

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l3lueFlu's avatar
aaa I'm excited for this! hopefully I'll be able to make it. I missed the last one as I had to go out for my sister's birthday! ;w;
Oliver & Company is such a good movie too !!
BlueYellowWinter's avatar
Oh man!! but there is also the eurovision song contest 2019 xDD
FirecrackerTNT's avatar
sjfjslnfksjs saw this too late oops, movie's likely ending by now.
Astrraea's avatar
Can't wait! I will be there. <3
Primlet's avatar
I'm excited! 
SoulPaw101's avatar
I can't wait!  Steele icon 
xoJ4KE's avatar
I love Balto!
aaa on my birthday <33
littlebird2014's avatar
I joined Feral Heart very recently, so this'll be my first movie night! I hope I can attend! ^^
Obsxura's avatar
Much excited
TwistedProud's avatar
Narnia is my life, I'll be sure to try being there!
Alicornbrodie's avatar
Hope I can join you all!
warriorstrike's avatar
I hope to see you there. c:
HummingKitten's avatar
Hope y'all have a great time at the movie <3 Don't think I'll be able to join this weekend, but if I get a chance I'll join the livestream!
Kerubesoku's avatar
If only i could use this godamn register to join you !.... it's been a month i've trying to stay up 'til 5am to see the register... UUUUUUH. 

But that's bad i couldn't join you, maybe a next time !
warriorstrike's avatar
Take a peek here! The Registration opens every 12 hours, and it stays open for an hour when it does. I'd suggest taking a day to sit down and check periodically, and you're bound to catch it. If you're not able to create an account, you can always join in on the livestream, as this is where the actual movie will take place. Plenty of folks to chat with on there, as well.

Good luck!
Kerubesoku's avatar
I've tried this 'til a month....yesterday i finally got it x_x (was activate at +- 3AM)
PancakeGoddess11's avatar
Is there a way I can go into the map when I'm using a Mac. The map is for windows computers...
Kikiorylandia's avatar
The map isn't required as the movie itself plays inside FH's Livestream account ^^ The map is just there for everyone to be together and get the "cinema" feel

If you really want the map, though, I'm afraid I can't help you with downloading it since I have no Mac knowledge. Try asking for help on the FH forums:…

Good luck!
Kikiorylandia's avatar
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