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It's time to nominate your the Winter Members of the Season!

Who should be nominated?
The Members of the Season should be known as helpful, dedicated and friendly users who are generally liked by most of the community, form and in-game. This title must go to those who help take care of the community!

How do I nominate?
If you click this link you will see a form that you can use to nominate one user or three (maximum) users who YOU think deserve the title of Winter Member of the Season 2015. Please choose wisely, and keep the above said in mind!

Rules for Nominating:
- You must have at least 25 posts to nominate or be nominated
- You may not nominate a user in the same IP range as yourself (That includes nominating yourself)
- If someone is already under "Qualified Users," please nominate someone else
- You are allowed and encouraged to nominate TWO users
- Once you have posted your choices, you may not modify your post
- Nominees must get a total of THREE nominations in order to qualify for MOTS voting
- Please do not nominate the winners of the Autumn MOTS
- Please provide a link to the profile of each user you are nominating
- Staff members may not be nominated

Want to find out more about this Season's nominations? Click here!

Good luck, everyone!

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