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Art group for players of FH!

Welcome to the Feralheart Artwork Group!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2011, 8:49 PM

Welcome to the group! As the title suggests, this is a group for all players of the feline and canine MMORPG Feralheart to show off screenshots, presets, maps, and just plain Feralheart related artwork!

OFFICIAL Feralheart Website and Forum
Feralheart on Facebook

Feralheart server is ONLINE

:star:Why was this group founded?:star:
I created this group for all Feralheart players to showcase their presets, maps, screenshots, and artwork related to the game.


How can I join?
Simply send a request to join and you will be automatically accepted!


How do I submit artwork?
While submitting a deviatation, you may choose to submit it to our group. Please be patient while we review all pending artwork for approval~
IMPORTANT: PLEASE read this feral-heart-art.deviantart.com… upon submitting your artwork!

Make sure you choose the RIGHT folder BEFORE submitting your Artwork!


I'm new here. What is Feralheart?
You can check out our website, feral-heart.com

:star:Rules/Guidelines Regarding Artwork Submission:star:
-Must be Feralheart Related!
-No inappropriate artwork. If you must think twice about submitting it to the group, then most likely it should not be allowed.
-No flame artwork bashing on other members/organizations/etc.
-Please regard our Submission Guidelines!

We are aware of the DeviantART Screenshot guidelines. Please refer to Feralheart's Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
:pointr:"FeralHeart allows everyone to take screenshots of anything you can see in the game, no matter what map, character or other 3d stuff is shown there. You can also show your screenshots on the world wide web, also called internet. It is not extra needet to credit FeralHeart or ask for permission first, if you want to submit a screenshot in original or modified version."










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