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FH Podium Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2020, 3:38 PM

Ever wanted a chance to contribute to FeralHeart? Here's your chance!

We are currently hosting a podium contest, the winner will have their podium put into the official game!

Interested? Please click here to vote for the podium you would like in a future update!

Deadline for voting is July 1st, so do not delay! Good luck to all contestants~

SuperGroup and a message!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2020, 7:48 AM
Hey everyone!

We have once again upgraded our little group to a SuperGroup, and celebrated this by putting up a lovely spring background made by Kikiorylandia
Thank you Kiki!

As you all know there are strange times going on right now around the world, and I also want to take this opportunity to wish each and all of you well and hoping that you, and your loved ones, stay safe and healthy.

Some of us are forced to stay home right now, some of us have to work - I am one of those that has to keep going to work with longer work hours, therefore I might be very hard to get a hold of for as long as this Covid19 virus is going about, so please turn to our Co-Founders and Moderators if you're in need of help.

Please take care of yourselves out there!

FH Holiday Party 2019

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2019, 12:21 PM

Ho, ho, ho! The holiday season is finally here, and Christmas is just around the corner. That means it's time for the Feralheartians to gather 'round the tree and commemorate a time to be with loved ones, share good tidings and good feasts, and enjoy what the season brings.

When and Where: On December 21st, in a private map created especially by our admin, Lord Suragaha.
What Time: 4pm EST

For more info, please visit and keep an eye on this thread here: tinyurl.com/FeralHolidayParty

Spread the word, and we hope to see you there!

Movie Night - TBA

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 19, 2019, 11:03 AM

It's time for another FeralHeart movie night!

:bulletred: Date/Time: TBA
:bulletred: Movie: TBA

Please click the link on the bottom of the page for more info/details!

How does it work?
On the day that a movie is scheduled to play users are invited to meet up in the cinema map, and join in on the movie livestream hosted by one of our lovely FH staff.
The Cinema Map is used to unite all the movie watchers together during the stream and give everyone that fun night at the movie theater feeling, however, keep in mind that the movie does not actually play on the in map theater screen itself.

Look Here for More Information: www.tinyurl.com/fhmovieinfo

Feral-Heart Radio [OFFLINE]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 30, 2019, 2:03 PM

Stream is OFFLINE!

Tonight's theme: TBA

The radio is here for those floofs who want to listen to a varied selection of tunez while either roleplaying, chillin' with friends or even just flicking through the forum. The best bit about it is that you and your friends can listen to the same music together.


!!Warning: explicit lyrics may occur!!

How do I share it with my friends?

Just send them this link:

Come on and join us!

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