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GodzillaTinaja Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hello I want to communicate with the administrators and co-founders and creators of Feral Heart by private message plz
Marquez0725 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still active?
I want to submit my YCHs and Adopts but im not sure they ever get accepted
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tabs123yt Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2021
You might not be aware but their is a thief within your group who steals feralheart presets, harasses people and lies she also steals/copies/rips off other peoples CHARACTERS you may want to remove her from your group her name is lolzcupcake
evidence can be found here:
User beware*LAST UPDATE: 12/01/2021*first off let me state that if any of the users this beware is against pipe up in my comment section with their fake screenshot "evidence" they have been using or their lies and BS in defence to pretend their innocent their comment will be removed i probably wont have to block them as people who get called out and are in the wrong tend to be the ones that block to run away from being caught so i'll leave the blocking to them for now theirs years of evidence against some of them (note that some journals might have some evidence links missing as these people had them removed to hide from the truth)Please stay away from these accounts they are a band of nasty "friends" to each other, save yourselves and block them they are pretending they want to protect the community yet they are a danger to the community themselfI do not care if they comment here or try to have this removed, because they have been known to comment with "fake evidence/screenshots" to back up their fake claims and they will gladly write a journal to ATTACK someone else but dont like a journal being posted in return to further the evidence AGAINST THEM so im in no doubt they will try to silence this journal so they can pretend their innocentthey associate with the following- Fake screenshot editing / fake account making to speak to themself and tell you its the user their attacking they use this as their "evidence"- Stealing species (one of them called @xdirewolfy has a species called "swiss roll wolves" which is a copy of @ghostlingz species "the swizic wolves)- Copying characters, even while editing their designs but clearly stating its a copy (while shes deleted the comment like the coward she is at one point @lolzcupcake made a comment how her character "siren" is a knock off of @touyjaa character "serene" when she was violently harassing her for months online)- Obsessive stalking, this is unhealthy and they cant help themself but to stalk their victims for months on end sometimes silently before they pop back up to attack again- Lying is a part of their daily routine (example someone has a screenshot i might later be able to get and add here of @Lacunna using a fake account called @shuesh pretending herself to of had a car crash and being in a coma for the attention)- Harassment also part of their daily routine they keep writing up things saying people need to stop and grow up and that a user is attacking them yet they attacked them in the first place to provoke them and dont like the user they attacked DEFENDING themself with evidence against them they do anything in their power to remove evidence found against them- Playing the victim card, they attack and provoke people with lies fake screenshots and more and then they turn it round claiming said user caused the drama and their the ones being attacked this is their biggest lie and they depend on playing the game of the victim status- They are obsessed over the thought of thinking that any RANDOM person or FRIEND who comes to DEFEND the person their ATTACKING is their victim on a "fake account" the amount of times they've called their victims friends the same person on different accounts is petty they dont like to accept the fact they mess with the wrong people and their victims have support around them so to make themself feel better they just pretend its "their victim on another account"- While they pretend their victims use multiple accounts to "back themself up" they have also been known to do the exact same or to talk to themself on fake accounts, one time being obviously lacunna talking to herself and doing an "art collab" with herself on her shuesh account (Delusional right?)*NEW EVIDENCE WILL BE ADDED TO THE TOP OF THIS JOURNAL HERE*12/07/2021evidence by @Touyjaa of the girls other fake troll tik tok accounts when they were targeting her before moving to ZPD (for the record of the wolf preset one touyjaa did NOT trade haily she still owns the character this is a fake stolen preset)EVIDENCE HERE:https://sta.sh/217j24mhw1xuevidence by @KhaleesiKiyiyaWolf https://sta.sh/21izykaoyp5mupdate below on 11/07/20201 - evidence of all original copies to the rip offs has been provided by touyjaa in a stash file it can be found HERE:https://sta.sh/2oziqo82wzh 11/07/2021other fake copies found on one of their deactivated fake accounts one of them used to attack/troll their victim "touyjaa" (all designs are stolen/edited versions of touyjaa's characters) this account is also suspected to be lolzcupcake since shes the main out of the group who copies / rips off designs the mostSERENE COPY:,SWIZIC WOLF (Species by ghostlingz) SUZI COPY: [before her design was edited],KALO COPY:,LAKIRA COPY:,11/07/2021:according to replicational this is also an account possibly associated with them, at the time they were attacking their last victim it turned up pretending to be her "girlfriend" when it got no reply from its victim it appeared to of gone inactive but i'll still place it here anywayxXSexyMamaWolfXx User Profile | DeviantArt11/07/2021:screenshot provided by Valec on yt (i will not state their DA username as they asked not to be mentioned)another update its funny how any account involved in drama with lolzcupcake this account on youtube SUBSCRIBES to them and STALKS THEM, numerous people have said their accounts are still on their subscribed list as a glitch as they have BLOCKED this user after they subscribed to them, not only that but their profile picture belongs to LOLZCUPCAKE which shes trying to pass off as "free" so she can pretend this account is a random person using the image when its HER using the account on top of that its only playlist favs are belonging to mostly lolzcupcake and xdirewolfy now thats totally not suspicious is it? if this account subscribes to you BLOCK IT IT IS LOLZCUPCAKE ON A FAKE ACCOUNT SHE USES IT TO SUBSCRIBE TO PEOPLE AND STALK THEMshe subscribed to herself on the account and direwolfy to make it look less suspcious shes also tried to subscribe to touyikie/touyja (@touyjaa) who is one of her VICTIMS (her names still there as a glitch im pretty sure she said she blocked this account) they also subscribed to japvhan who is a victim of one of the others on this list (@lacunna) and they subscribed to touyja's ex's, an account subbing to ONLY THE VICTIMS/VICTIMS FRIENDS? yeah thats not suspicious at all now is it lolzcupcake?,,,another way to tell if its her is notice how on DA the artwork has a WATERMARK on it yet its f2u? but the youtube icon has NO WATERMARK, this isnt because someone asked her for the original, this is because she owns the account and used her original none DA watermaked version as much as she will try passing it off as not her its just to suspicious of that it follows any user who comments on her account or is one of her victims for it to be someone else11/07/2021:screenshots provided by @Touyjaa of one of them using a FAKE tik tok account to copy her characters into feralheart presets, they tagged her into the videos to annoy her they tried to pretend touyja traded the designs to them (when she did not),,,,,,,they did more copies but none of us took screenshots and havnt managed to as they are a coward and when i myself commented on the videos they blocked me and hid their account to PRIVATE to avoid us catching anymore screenshots but from what we knew of before they turned their account private they had copies of the following characters STOLEN on their account - Haily (touyjaa)- Touyja (Touyjaa)- Suzi (Touyjaa / species by ghostlingz called "swizic wolves)- Miimii (zerospedoll) this ones a wolf but they copied it into a lion preset11/07/2021screenshot provided by politiccause of "satansangel" on feralheart (lacunna/savienbby/shuesh) stealing and using her character avalie,avalie's ref by politiccause:,10/07/2021:I was provided these screenshots by a user who wishes not to be named from when lolzcupcake admitted to copying, she was quick however to hide her comments shortly after but someone caught shots of them before hand here they are:,heres her stolen copy of serene called siren on TH,,,and heres the character provided by touyjaa which lolzcupcake had stolen and redesigned (serene herself has gone through design edits due to copiers these are her original base designs that lolzcupcake copied from NOT her current design),,,"Satansangel" on feralheart (lacunna/savienbby/shuesh) has also been caught using serene but touyjaa states those screenshots are on her laptop back at home so it cant be provided currently (as she is elsewhere) 09/07/2021@xdirewolfy has done a runner instead of owning up to the shit shes done she has ran away from deviantart to escape back lash on her actions pretending shes "tired" she has also put her twitter and i believe being told other accounts to private she is not tired, shes running like shes done before i was told when they attacked one of their other victims (touyjaa) they would often run back into hiding saying junk like "were done, were being mature leave us alone we want no part of this blah blah blah" and yet they would then CONTINUE to attack touyjaa and her (at the time unborn) daughter i've since been told a bit of the story by this victim personally stating they gave up when she stopped responding to them, she carried on with life doing what shes currently doing (to which i have been told not to state her private life here by her on discord so i wont) but the point is when she moved on with life stopped replying stopped posting journals etc to do with them and just point blank ignored them they tried a few troll account attempts, her saying their recent one was a tik tok account now private (coward) which i have seen copying her designs into feralheart presets (and zerospetdolls miimii too as a lion) but they have since seemed to of given up on touyjaa again now and are full pelt attacking zerospetdoll instead face up to what you've all done instead of going quiet lying pretending you havnt done anything and putting your accounts private because you know your posting stuff on there that can be used against youIm also awaiting a screenshot from someone who has apparently informed them they have evidence of lolzcupcake admitting siren to be a copy of serene (touyjaa's character)Beware made in defence against xKittyKylo/xThunderVarg on Deviant Art as well as Lolzcupcake and xDirewolfy - Google Docs-07/07/2021:User Beware - Google Docs-evidence of lacunna/savienbby "shuesh" pretending to replicational to have had an "accident"Screenshots provided by replicationalhttps://sta.sh/210dnz8lxywJournals against them, i'll add anymore if i find any,Beware on these usersJune 21, 2021#Mature #Beware #TriggerWarning I am shocked that,,lolzcupcake xdirewolfy and lacunna strike againJuly 4, 2021boy their at it again with their lies and drama,,USER BEWAREJuly 5, 2021WARNING: Under Canadian Federal Law, I am allowed,,ignore this creepJuly 16, 2020im making this to let people know, I dont care,,Regarding avalieJune 18, 2016~Savienbby (https://www.deviantart.com/savienbby),,Art Theif, Character Theif, Abusive UserMarch 7, 2016[THIS IS STILL ON GOING 01/06/16] This journal is,,so yall i found thisNovember 2, 2020not to active here but i found a post showing,,Please Read.May 17, 2021"Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the,,Dont involve me in your shitDecember 12, 2020I AM SORRY THAT IM TAGGING SOME OF THESE PEOPLE AS,,Art ThiefDecember 12, 2016Don't want to post this to my main account so i,,Left This WebsiteMay 16, 2016due to the user ~Savienbby,,Update on touyjaMay 2, 202009/06/2020 UPDATE Ya they obsessed and tou be,,so i need make this clearApril 14, 2020i will tag @PixelPupp3r cos i dont think they are,,Public bewareApril 10, 2020yes i am go to put this up and be a bitch cos i am,,MovedOctober 17, 2019E - I realized a member (savienbby) has added this,,Beware of these usersApril 11, 2020UPDATE 05/05/2020 on touyja Video posted by her:,,Thieves in the dungeons!December 3, 2014Report the following art thieves without (savienbby is on the thieves in the dungeon list number 62)Swizic wolves rip off made by xdirewolfy who "pretends its not a copy"https://www.deviantart.com/swiss-roll-wolves (SHE DELETED THE GROUP TO RUN AND HIDE SO BELOW IS A SCREENSHOT OF THE COPIERS "SWISS ROLL WOLVES" WHO COPIED THE SWIZIC WOLVES)they took the design idea mostly more for the second version of the swizic wolves design than the top one,all they changed was the body markingsThe original she ripped off called the swizic wolveshttps://www.deviantart.com/theswizicwolvesold swizic wolf design example to show how xdirewolfy ripped it off,,,any further evidence will later be added, if you have any yourselves please feel free to post them in the comment sectionVictims i know of them attacking (feel free to come forth with your side if your a victim that im not aware of yet, keep safe we support you)- @Touyjaa - @Japvhan - @Replicational (I believe this is the person who has the fake coma/car crash screenshots please post them if your the correct person)- @zerospetdoll - @HexXHeartbeat SIDE ACCOUNTS TO BEWARE OFLacunna owns two more accounts called @savienbby and @Shuesh both of which appear inactive but for your safety i wouldnt trust not blocking them...
lionwolf66 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2021
is farle haert still around?
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Pandamarium Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!! Are any admins still active on this page? So sorry to ask this here, I tried to find the info for my old account but couldn't so I tried making a new one and the confirmation email never showed up. If there's anyone I could email or msg about this I would be super appreciative!
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