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Art group for players of FH!
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Yo, i just downloaded the game again but cant login cuss dont have the latest version. i see the new exe update 17.1a but it doesnt do anything, i cant download it
if anyone knows of any good rp groups on fh let me know pls!!
Just downloaded again!!
I remember the times when I went to play FH every day, how I created a purple wolf with white spots called “Galaxy Heart”, how I met a player with almost the same skin as mine, but only black, and how we played together until then until I stopped coming in..
Please find me if it’s you..
heyo peeps that still play this lol. kinda sad the game died but hey smaller communities are the best
I want to play feral heart soo bad I'm going to love feral heart
Is FH still alive ? Is it still an active community ?