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Jgirl-Jheart Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2019
Hi, I was trying to register my account, and it said I had the wrong username, when I was using the right one, my friend said that it bugs out when you use special marks, I put my username as Jgirl-Jheart, is there anyway you could help me?
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thatUsereveyr Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2019  New Deviant
Registration is open!!!
NakixChan Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  New Deviant
I just wanna throw my idea here, since again. no Forum account, and I think this would benefit the game!

The main issue, is Hackers. and also bots, trolls. ect. and honestly, I dunno how nobody thought of this, but i think it would be the best idea in the longrun!~ im gonna type this in a list format so its easier to read! <3

Closing down feralheart's reg fully, and beforehand making it open once a day, Is a good idea for whats going on. but it seems you all are stuck in this rut of, "what to do?"
I know hackers, bots. ect are annoying, and dangerous to the games health. but hiding away is a BAD idea! your giving them what they want, what is needed, is to stand our ground. how to do so?

start with...
Open reg fully 24/7, i know. danger zone! Thats "A Bad idea!" but, hear me out, Open it fully. but make it so you have to review each new player, and have a security three questions they have to answer to even send a request in, if their user and answers are even slightly troll-like, IP ban them. "But thats alot of work!" yeah, but it fixes the complaints from alot of the community, and also streamlines keeping users that are against the rules OUT.  "But VPN's!" BLOCK all users that use VPNS, boom. fixed. Now, what if one slips? thats what in-game mods are for! If somehow one slips a day, atleast. ONE a day, then a mod can IP ban that one troll, boom. thats easy, What about hackers?? well, now you have reviewed all their info they sent, IP ban them for one, and if needed. track how they hacked the game, and make it so that specific program cant be open while FH is open. (if the program opens, FH closes. or If they launch the program. FH instantly deletes itself, or simply block that specific programs ability to read the games coding)

Now.. back to this, Accept only 50 players a day, thats maybe.. 3 minutes reviewing everything at most. That would take if one person did it, 2.5 hours a day, or if it was spread out for two staff members, an hour and 25 minutes, Then all players can most likely get in after 5-6 days of waiting! thats better than 2-3 months if i do say so myself! in this time, players can save their presets they make, and can make/save characters for when they are accepted! just cant go into multiplayer.

Now, your games growing. your keeping the community happy. and the issues are fixed majority, of course. there are flaws, you need to of course fix them along the way, but- this atleast brings happiness throughout everyone. i can even extend this idea out more!

Ik dont yell at me but, make it so players cant add their presets or items into the game.


WAIT CALM DOWN. hear me out, Make it so theres an in-game currency, everywhere you explore you get "10 Beetles" that you can use to pay for items, and approved presets! "how the hell does this fix anything?"

Money, to fund a 2nd server for the extra players.

10$ for 1000 beetles, 1000 beetles can buy you a few items and a preset. 
100 beetles can buy you some of the "common" items.

ect ect, it would give people the "need" to explore, and stuff! you also could get beetles from doing events, and stuff in game! it encourages players to play, and adds a way for the game to get money to- yknow. expand.

And makes it so the damned white wolf issue is gone!

Then, you can make your own mini-shop in game! (Max beetles sale is 1000beetles per. so it doesnt fully deter players from buying the games presets)

I have alot of ideas for this game, ik this is the art page but- if anybody wants to contact me to talk about ideas. Please! do feel free! alrighty, well... I have thrown in my last comment on the art-page until i start uploading stuff that i make that is art-based! I hope you all have a great day!
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