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Things have been a bit quiet the past month and a half or so, mostly due to being busy with work and not having a lot of time for art, but the latter was not due to procrastination as is so often the case. No, it was due to pursuing a dream that I have had for...fifteen years, give or take.  

Which is why I am super happy to announce that I will be joining the LEGO group as a model designer, at the start of the next year!

As you can tell by a lot of my recent art, I'm still a big fan of Bionicle - and also Lego in general. A lot of people who love Lego as kids sort of drop out of the hobby when they get a little older, but there are also quite a lot who stick with it and I am one of them. I've never stopped building (Which those of you who follow me on flickr may have noticed:… )and after I got my degree in game design, I decided to see if that dream could be achieved. It took a few tries, but eventually they invited me for an interview, followed by a candidate workshop in Denmark two weeks ago and last week I finally got the call. 

Christmas came a little earlier this year it seems =)

The next three weeks will be a bit stressful, with moving to Denmark, getting everything sorted back here in Germany and getting presents for the family, but it's the good kind of stress. I will still be active online of course, here on DA and on other sites like ArtStation, I just won't be able to share anything covered by the NDA involved with the job. But I hope that with basically turning one of my big hobbies into my job, I can use the free time to draw and paint more and improve in those areas, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks again to everybody who's sticking around as followers and to everybody who favs and comments on the artworks!

If I don't get around to writing another journal before the end of the year, I hope you all have have happy holidays and a good start into 2015!
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Fair play to you!Well done!
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FerainProfessional Artist
Thank you!
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Ira-NuiHobbyist General Artist
That is the epitome of awesome! Congrats!
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Kayru-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
OH MY GOSH YES! Congrats, that is so so awesome!
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MikomDude Digital Artist
Awesome, congrats!
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CalumTravelerHobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats! :)
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jukajo Digital Artist
Congratulations! Good luck with moving and enjoy the job :)
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ChipMercuryHobbyist General Artist
Yay! +1 for dream job! (Oh right, this isn't imgur...)
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CryokinaHobbyist Writer
Hurray! Congratulations!
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voxumoHobbyist Photographer
That is awesome to hear. Congrats on achieving such a sought after position.
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LlortorHobbyist General Artist
That is am amazing achievement -- do you know what division of Lego you'll be designing models for?? Now I feel like the time Lego's Bionicle page on Facebook replied to when I posted a collage of my Bionicle portraits is just peanuts in comparison. Wow man, good luck.
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0nukuStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, congrats! That's awesome!
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wastelanddragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice ^^
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