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This art is amazing!

You may get alot of hate from some people but your art is better than 95 percent of the dross in the paleoart community.

It's weird isn't it?

People on the internet go on and on about how Twitter is a cesspool without credibility.

But then, when the time comes, everyone suddenly believes what they find there.

Doesn't help that the online paleo community (of course I'm referring just to the general enthusiasts, not to the paleontologists) is one the worst you can find, much worse than other communities that are tipically regarded as bad (such as the SW one, which by itself and in comparison to the paleocommunity results as unfairly maligned).

This post about the matter might be interestings, it's wise to hear the opionion of the other side:


Yeah I mean I don't pretend to know everything when it comes to genetics or art.

But these people are borderline creationists when it comes to their hatred of certain kinds of science

It's weird that so much of this is coming from people that claim to love science.

I'm worried for the direction that the online paleocommunity is taking and some prominent personalities in it seem to only make the situation worse.

Frankly, the only thing I blame Emily is having a fur affinity account, but the rest of the allegations just seemsnon sense.

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For context why you may be seeing comments about the artist being... not a good person: