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I've never been in Toronto, but it's a city I've always loved because its life quality, economy and beacuse it's very cosmopolitan... Hope some day I can visit that great place :clap:
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It's a great city. But with a bit of a cocaine addict mayor on the side
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Heh, diversity, that's just Canada all over. :P I'd like to live there someday! ^_^

Awesome picture. :D I love it!
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Toronto's a great city. I live about an hour and a half away from it, but I visit often. Hope you get to come visit the city soon! :D

Also, great job on the picture! ^^
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it :D
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:3 It's a great city. I've lived in Toronto for 4 years and I love it~~ Hope you get to visit it soon! =D
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Haha thank you! :D
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muito bonita sua arte !
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hey great typo ....well done...
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thnx for comment! :D
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Great design! I love the circle / orbital.
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I hope you can visit it someday ! I went to brampton wich is not far away from toronto and went there 1 day, it was a dreaming becoming true ! it's so fantastic ! people are so cool ! the buildings and all the advertising things like i used to see on movies... you really have to go there ! :)

also nice work :)
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Hahaha yeah, hope some day I'll see it with my own eyes xD
thnx for comment!
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Que bonito ;D
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