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Dang.. thank you Luke Plunkett. It was an amazing
surprise when I found out that my art had made it
to Kotaku, and then on Capcom-Unity too!!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to all the
comments; I'm actually at Otakon right now! It's a
convention in Baltimore, Maryland, and I'm selling
at in the artist alley with my friend :iconslimu: who
helped me with the Bayonetta/Okami print.

Since a lot of people have been asking me about this,
yes, I do have prints and posters of Bayonetta
as well as most of the other artwork here on my
deviantArt. If you were wondering about print costs,
they're as follows:

Movie Poster (24"x36")----$60 + $3 shipping
Poster (16"x24")----------$30 + $3 shipping
Full print (11"x17")------$14 + $3 shipping
Half print (8.5"x11")-----$8 + $2 shipping
Postcard (5"x7")----------$5 + $1 shipping

I can also ship internationally, but it might
be a bit more expensive for shipping

Feel free to note me on dA or send an e-mail to
efrain@districtsquare.com if you're interested in
buying anything! Unfortunately I only accept PayPal
online. I've also been meaning to put up a real
online shop for my work, but I've been busy with
school D:

Also, if you happen to be at Otakon, I have all my
art on sale here, so please drop by :] Me and :iconslimu:
can be found at tables U11 and U12.

Thanks again for all the comments and everything,
and thanks again to Kotaku and Capcom-Unity for
featuring my work! You guys made my day :'D

EDIT: For those of you who are interested in other
artists who's art style is similar to the Bayonetta/Okami
piece, try checking out art by Mary Blair, Tadahiro Uesugi, and
Kevin Dart--they were a great source of inspiration (as
well as the end credits for The Princess and the Frog lol).
Have fun!
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I have a question, where do you make your prints? DO you print out the exact size for 11x17 or do you print higher size and trim the excess. What store can I go to or website that prints at 11x17. Thank you