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Kovu and Kiara's children

About them:

Taji: Future Queen

Taji, incredibly relaxed yet extremely stern when needed. She is the oldest of the trio, and has never struggled with taking responsibility. When Kiara and Kovu wanted to let their cubs choose who will be the heir to the throne, everyone, including Taji herself, decided that she should be the future queen, and she has worn this resposibility with pride, yet has never abused her possition. Dealing with Damu and Moto has made her incredibly patient and extremely strict, and she does not lack wisdom for someone her age. Being trained by Kovu, she is a decent hunter, but as hunting and fighting was never really her thing she remains rather average at it and leaves such matters to her younger sister. Her biggest flaw is her questioning every choice she's made, which is why Moto was chosen to be her advisor, after all he already had experience aiding Kiara. 

Damu: Guard's Leader, ex-princess

Damu is incredibly hot-headed and stubborn. It is told that if she makes up her mind, it's impossible to change it. She tends to appear aggresive due to her scars and how easily frustrated she gets, but she calms down just as fast. Damu was originally a princess as well, but due to a very heated argument between her siblings which ended up in a fight with Moto (which is why they have matching eye scars, it was an "eye for an eye" situation) she left, and out of shear disappointment her sister named her an exile. Damu does turn around after a year, and she does come back home far more calm and ends up finding her place in Pridelands, turning a rather tense relationship with her siblings into a caring and functioning one, though it does take her some time to end up a Guard's leader. She decides to not reclaim her title as a princess as she "never lived up to it and never fitted the title anyways" and after some negotiation Taji decided not to push the topic.
She's Vitani's fav
ourite and character and sassyness wise she's about as witty as her cousin (Vitani's son), with whom she's extremely close. Having been taught by Kovu and Vitani, she's an excellent hunter and warrior. Her story might get illustrated in seperate pictures :) 

Moto: Queen's royal advisor, prince

Moto is a physically strong yet comparably small lion, being about the same size as Damu (they're twins). Most of his strenght is in his agility. Character wise, he is rather calm and not into conflicts, unless his family is insulted, which is exactly how he ended up having scar on his face - a conflict with Damu. His eagerness to help has been noticed by Kiara and he ended up taking a role of her advisor. He is very much so a softie deep down and loves to just relax and prefers to solve problems through thinking rather than brute force. After Damu returns, he ends up being a bit cold at first yet they end up being really close in a very short amount of time as he's not one to hold a grudge. He's also a huge reason why Damu even bothered to try to return to Pridelands, something that his parents are very thankful for. Later in life he becomes Taji's advisor, and no matter how busy he is he makes sure to find time for his family. 


Yes hello I've been offline a lot whoops. It's mostly due to how busy and disorientated regarding artwork I was, but I think I finally have things figured out and can finally return :) hoping to do a lot more TLK and my own character stuff. A bigger journal will be coming later in the weekend.

Also, account nick change.

Hope you guys like my chars! <3 Sorry if there's any grammar mistakes, I've written this during a lecture :'D

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