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Good to hear from you again ^^
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Been a while, yeah. I've got nobody to talk to about Kingdom Hearts now. :P
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Oh, I can be here for that ;3
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I've been trying to avoid all the recent trailers because I want to be surprised by everything this time around - even combat mechanics. I follow on a Kingdom Hearts news channel on YouTube, so that gets a little difficult hahah! But I've kinda been snacking on little bits of info here and there, so I decided to watch the 'X' movie, and buy do I want to find out what that was all about! So many questions!! Just when I thought the story couldn't get any more complicated!.. imagine if Pixar bought "How to Train Your Dragon"?

Now they've started bringing the series to the PS4 and it sucks, cause that means that the game might only release in 2018! Aaaand I've got all these pre-order bonuses that I've missed since I'm waiting for the inevitable "Complete Edition" that will launch alongside, or sometime after KHIII. So even though FFXV was only a good game, I'm really looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III being a great game, cause I'll be buying the collector's edition this time around! They better not end such a good franchise on a flat note!
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It's been kept super secret. There's really not much to see at all. 
I think with all the waiting we've had to do, that SE won't mess it up. This seems like the finale. Especially with all the new little tidbits they keep adding to the re-releases.
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Hi. Hahah, whats up?