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After much planning and trial and error, I'm pleased to report that Fenris Designs has undergone rebranding. I now have a new, completely overhauled website, and exciting new things are coming close behind. Apart from that, I've given Fen-Fen a new Facebook page and his own Tumblr, and soon, a new look. While he may take a little prodding, expect him to have a lot of mileage from them.

Click here for the NEW official Fenris Designs
For Facebook
For Tumblr
And for Twitter!

In other news...

For the first time ever, I shall be attending a convention. From February 20 to 22, I will be in Dallas for Texas Furry Fiesta. I'm excited because right now, my entire convention experience consists of a tiny row of tables in a mall six years back. I have no clue what to expect. If anyone happens to be in the area at the time, look for a confused-looking guy with a red tail. He might need biscuits.
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I got a new Cintiq today. While it was a bit of a pain setting it up, especially for a southpaw like myself, it was worth it, now sitting proudly before my monitor.

In short, I now have an large Intuous4 that needs selling.…

Four years old, it's in perfect working condition. While it does have a couple of score marks on its surface, they don't affect the tablet's performance.

It comes with all its original packaging and accessories, including drivers and activation code, cable, pen, mouse, and interchangeable nibs.

If you're interested, note me and we can work out something.

UPDATE 8/12/2014: The Wacom is sold.
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Twelve years and a name change

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 4:50 PM

OLD! Hadn't celebrated this in awhile, but no complaints about the whole twelve years of deviantART. I'm actually thrilled that it was able to last so long, let alone retain its influence in the art community. I've been a member for over eight of those years. I got my start as an artist there, through high school, college, and now my current job search and freelance efforts. No regrets.

Why the name change? Admittedly, it's a marketing gimmick. I registered on dA as a sophomore in high school. Two years later my website went live and I've been using that to "sell" my art to the world. I figure now that I'm not a student anymore, things should look more like they were made with business in mind. Fenris is still here, and he still pretends to be a red wolf when no one's looking, but he's taking things a little more seriously now.

Also, completely overhauling the website at the moment, so it doesn't look like it was designed four years ago.

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Previously on ActFur On Air...

"You'll never get away with this! I'll never reveal the recipe to bacon salt!" "Oh mein freund, I haff vays of making you tok!" " that a penguin?"

"Overblown defamation of character!" "Sudden unrelated revelation!" *stomp stomp stomp SLAM!* "Stunned silence."

"Okay, no problem. Just look for strands of blue and yellow fur, and fix whatever they're attached to. That'll shut down the nuclear reactor."

"Kell Bengal? Is that really you? After all these years?!" "BEEP BOOP BEEP BOOP. I AM THE TIGER YOU SPEAK OF." "It IS you!"

"In all my years, I've never seen a staircase claim so many dragons." "Won't somebody think of the children?!" *SLAP*


"The tests are back, and...Mushi is the father." "Gasp!"

And now, Season 4 of ActFur On Air.

Yes, it's back! And this season comes with a new website and two new resident segments! Tune in!

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Job search time

Sat Mar 10, 2012, 2:01 PM

So, now that I've gone through that whole Master's Degree thing, the next step would be putting all that work to good use. I'm looking for work at the moment, preferably as along the lines of designing for an ad agency or a marketing firm. Illustration is also on the table, very much along the lines of the stuff in my gallery. Graphics, logos, layouts, comics, websites, not too incredibly picky at the moment.

If you or someone you know might need a helping hand, send a note or an email. If need be, feel free to show off my portfolio if it'll help.

Even if you don't need someone fulltime, I do take illustration commissions. Details available on my profile at Fur Affinity.

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A Week's Worth of Milestones

Sat Dec 17, 2011, 10:40 PM

So, apart from the usual silence, there's been an unusually high amount of activity this week.

Birthday: I'm 24 now as of December 13th. Kinda a rainy day, so I celebrated with an okay movie.

Graduation: I attended a graduation ceremony this afternoon, receiving my MA in graphic design. That also explains where the heck I've been the past few months (though not the past couple years.) For my master's project, I basically wrote a 100-page book detailing a fictional advertising campaign. Once the library gets the thing printed, I'll most likely post a few samples.

My take on the ceremony itself? Well, pretty much the same as the last: wearing a silly-looking hat, pretending you're important, and motivational speakers that think they're even more important.

Twitter: Broke 1,000 tweets today by riffing on the aforementioned ceremony. Why's that important? Because I like to report things in threes.

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I've been kinda holding the news for a month and a half, just to be sure that there were no major issues. Thankfully there aren't, so yea, happy to say I retired the old computer and got a new one. When my old Celeron of five years decided it didn't want to interact with my printer anymore, I figured it was time to switch it out for a a slightly more competent Pavilion Elite. As I have yet to run into a major crap-up, I'd say this computer has well and truly met my low expectations.

Well, except for one particularly odd occurrence. Shortly after unboxing, it proceeded to seek out 97-pound weaklings and, well...

On an unrelated note, a family of raccoons decided the middle of September was a great time to move into my attic again and hold what I assume are rave parties at 3 in the morning. An exterminator managed to extract a four-month-old from inside the walls before it could die and stink up the house for probably the third time since Hurricane Ike.

Collective aww's aside, that little pipsqueak was ungodly annoying. Loud, smelly, and prone to falling into walls and becoming even louder and smellier (one, then the other.) There's now a trap set up outside to catch whatever adults may still lurk. Maybe I should send my new computer after it.

Update 9-13-11: A second raccoon has been caught. Aggressive one, too.

"When I get outa here, you're gonna eat that camera!"

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Actfur On Air, Season 3

Fri Apr 15, 2011, 10:27 PM

So, when I first heard the news, I was like, "Derp?"

Then I was like, "Omigawdomigawdomigawd!" Much flailing ensued.

Then I grabbed a Sharpie and some Bristol board, wrote down the news, and dashed into the streets while screaming it at the top of my lungs. Reception was weak at first, but it slowly built momentum, onlookers got excited, and soon we had a citywide, statewide, nationwide phenomenon. This got some of the greatest academic minds thinking, political leaders and captains of industry collaborated, and soon we had cured most of the world's ills. No disease, no war, no famine, no Justin Bieber. And all was bliss.

Then I woke up and found myself clinging to a telephone pole, covered in what I hope was orange marmalade. The crowd below me was casting understandably odd looks.

Nonetheless, the news is still incredible: Actfur On Air is back! And with this season comes a shiny new website, a new game, and your favorite old segments and silliness.

Check it here!

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The Evil Title

Some week in mid-July, 2006

Cable Router
Coffee Machine
Pool vacuum
Light fixture on entrance

All in one week. Is there some summer-related curse or something?

The week of August 13-20, 2006:

Car tire
Car ignition
Water pipe in roof
Ringworm infection

The week of December 21-28, 2006:

Shower head
Shower plumbing
Cordless phone
Explosive diarrhea
Joe Barbera, Gerald Ford, and James Brown (coincidence?)
Power sander

The week of November 22-29, 2009:

Hard disk drive
CPU fan
Car power window
Car oxygen sensor
Car automatic transmission

The week of January 19-26, 2011 (give or take a couple weeks)

Car turn signals
Ass-busting cold
Light fixture
Fuse box

Moving webhosts

Thu Dec 2, 2010, 10:55 AM

If you typed "" into your address bar and ended up here, don't panic, it's temporary.  My normal webhost went down, and I'm now looking for a new host for my site. Shouldn't take more than a few days.

UPDATE: Got the site back up. Special thanks to Furry Networks for the space. As a special bonus, they're handling my domain name to a degree.

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From the Not-So-Great Exhibition

Thu Apr 22, 2010, 12:51 AM
The Evil Title

On April 7, I got a familiar piece of work into my campus's BFA exhibition.  From the outside, the reception looked innocent enough.

Inside, some of the best fine arts students had their work featured in the campus gallery, myself included.  

See that pedestal proudly positioned in the center of the room?

The very same steampunk goggles that received 99,000 views on deviantART and 60,000 views on Fenris Designs has received 3rd place juror's choice.

First and second place were also great pieces, first being an experimental limestone carving and second being a photographic series of the homeless in Galveston:

Promotional shot for the goggles:

Promotional shot for the Fenris:

Yes, I really look like that.

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In an art gallery

Fri Apr 2, 2010, 5:04 PM
The Evil Title

I made it into a local exhibition.  Pictures forthcoming.

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Fen's Computer Wars 3

Mon Nov 23, 2009, 8:58 PM
The Evil Title

11-21-09: Ho, hum, computer's back in the shop.  Couldn't even start it up this morning. Couldn't come at a much worse time either, what with term papers and design projects due.

Further info coming probably Monday or Tuesday.

11-23-09:  Got a call back from the repair shop. Hard drive's dead, again. Now, the shop's trying to salvage the most important data and replace the drive.

11-23-09: The hard drive and fan have been replaced and the computer is back home.  From an cursory look, all its data has been salvaged. Commence cautious optimism.

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Full-time summer

Tue Jul 14, 2009, 9:18 PM
The Evil Title

Three classes, three credits each.  One hour per credit, over five weeks, as opposed to the conventional fifteen week semester.  That means 27 hours a week spent in classes, discounting commute and time spent on campus studying between classes (usually in three-hour increments.)  That's a typical summer mini for a full-time student.

At least I get Fridays off.

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Sat May 2, 2009, 5:10 PM
The Evil Title

My first convention today, a tiny artists alley at a mall in west Houston. They were giving away comic books left and right for gratis, some nerds working for Viz held a panel discussion, I pimped my book at any given opportunity, and I bumped into Jarrod "Toonzi" Perez, a former colleague from The Daily Cougar who now self-publishes.

Ah well, back to work.

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ACTfur Season 1...ish

Fri May 1, 2009, 11:08 PM
The Evil Title

Meanwhile, in a secret lair deep in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory...

Yay, ACTfur on Air is back on...air...yeah.  carnival is joining the cast, and most of the original contributors are returning.  That means more Blue Cat Central, more Silent Paranoia, more Fen Rants, and a new foreign correspondent segment by Kell Bengal. >:U

Back to the most reliable news source on the planet about the furry fandom and geek culture in Australia. In the universe. Ever.

Oh, and it's got a website.

ACTfur on Air

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Holy crappers, a Daily Deviation

Sun Mar 1, 2009, 9:09 PM
The Evil Title

So, you go to sleep at night, sure you've cleared out your message centre.  The next morning, this happens:

Yea, that Steampunk Goggles Tutorial I did over the summer got a Daily Deviation.  This isn't even representative of my usual cartooning work.

Many thanks to the people who supported this project: the over 2,000 people who've faved this, and the half dozen or so people who've actually applied this tutorial to their projects.  You're all certifiable weirdos.

Special thanks to the people who ate up my website's server.  That's 25,000 hits in the past two days.

I got 36 more faves in the time it took to write this journal.

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TUS is down for the count

Sun Jul 13, 2008, 8:58 PM
The Evil Title

As of Episode 23 of Taking Up Space, the hosts decided to put the show on an indefinite hiatus.  That means, of course, that the main show, subsequent segments, and user feedback are going to be shelved for a few months.

What shall contributors be doing in this time?

The main hosts, Kraden, Bairn, Almosee, and AshuraMGS2SUB will try to resurrect the festering corpse that is the "old" show, a la Lovecraft, amongst other things.  There is the distinct possibility that they will be working with the Queensland-based station Radio Furture.

FenrisDesigns, who loves writing in third person, will be posting new rants once in a blue moon, via Fur Affinity, Sheezy Art, and possibly his website.

Nanaki-XIII is currently looking for work as a musician or comedian.  Please feed the kitty.

RayLiehm of "Silent Paranoia" now maintains a Livejournal community in the spirit of his segment.

Until then...

We shall return! a bombastic MacArthur way, of course.

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Yes, I will be doing editorial cartoons for The Daily Cougar throughout the summer.  What's different is that it'll be Tuesdays, as per placement by the new editor.

More importantly, the Cougar is no longer available from the U of H website.  It is now

Have fun, my fans!  That's right, all one of you!
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Starting this week, my editorial cartoons will appear in The Daily Cougar not only on Mondays, but now on Wednesdays.  

It's gonna be tricky thinking up two new topics to zing a week.  This week, it's obviously gonna be Halloween, then the election.  After that...ummmm...

Anyway, you'll still find me here, only at the Cougar.