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The mind of death
Silence. That was all that was. An all-encompassing silence. There were no birds chirping, no trees sighing, no brooks whispering.
Some might find it eerie, perhaps even scaring.
But not Sammael. He found that he preferred the silence to the constant roars of battle or the dredging sounds of the humans talking. The noises that humans seemed incapable of avoiding.
He was sitting in a forest. Well, at least an image of a forest. It was open, with light streaming through the canopy of leaves above him. a small brook was flowing near him, and the sweet-smelling grass was soft beneath him. The trees all around him were birches, still fairly young, with smooth, white bark.
He loved the forest. It was free of the influence of humans. There was silence and sound, both at the same time. There was no noise of machinery, no roar of battle, no footsteps rustling through the bushes and leaves.
But there was still birds chirping, leaves whispering, and water rustling.
But not now. Now, there was sil
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Valentine's day
South was walking in circles in his room, wondering what to do. It was Valentine's day, February 14th. Every year he would sit in his room with Norn and watch movies on this day.
But not this year.
How would he do it? Just walk straight to the door and ask? Wait until dinner and see if she came to the mess hall?.
In the end, after a lot of pondering and walking, he chose to go with it as it went. He put on some half-nice clothes - proper jeans, a white t-shirt and a simple green zip-up hoodie - and went out in the corridor, attempting to avoid all the other freelancers. He was so deep in thought that he walked right past the door, before stopping ten minutes later, wondering why he wasn't there. He backtracked until he was at the door, where he froze for a few minutes, suddenly unsure. "Come on, South. Just do it." he thought, attempting to pick up the courage to do it.
He raised his hand and knocked once, twice.
No answer.
He knocked again, two times. Still nothing.
Slowly he
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1: Beginnings
South entered the mess hall, seeing immediately why it was so named. There were thirty or forty tables, accommodating the 50 other freelancers, who sat in pairs, groups, and some, alone. He could see several empty tables walking towards where the food was.
Now there's a nice welcome. He thought, looking at the food. Fiskegrateng. There was melted butter and potatoes beside it as well. South grabbed a plate and filed it as good as he could. It had been a long trip to HQ, and he was hungry.
Having stuffed his plate with food, he found himself a nice, empty table and sat down, beginning to eat.
If it keeps going this way in foods, this should be a nice stay.
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Agent South Dakota
Name: Lukas Berg
Alias: Bjami (Meaning bear in Norse)
Date of birth: November 16th 2523
Age: 24
Occupation: Besides freelancer, he is a smith
Hair colour: Pale, pale blonde
Eye colour: Icy blue
Height: 7' 2''/ 2m 15cm
Weight: ca. 130-140 kg (Mainly muscle)
Medical or mental problems: Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)
Blood type: AB-
Appearance: Short hair, one scar running from the abdomen the the left shin, twisting to the calf, a triple scar running from the left side of the chin to the right shoulder, Muscly build (Not like top bodybuilders, but like one who exercises regularly), Usually wears camo shorts and white t-shirt when not in armour.
Personality: A bit of a hot-head, South is a loner as well. He usually keeps to himself, and cares little for others. It takes time to get to know him, and even longer for him to trust you, but if he actually names you a friend, his true personality shines forth. Once a friend, you will never have any friend more loyal, and he is willing to
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FCC - Halloween
South was sitting in the mess room. Alone. All the freelancers had been given the day off. It was Halloween, October 31st.
Where was New Hampshire?
Not that it mattered. Before South had met New Hampshire, he had been all alone.
Suddenly, the light in the mess hall went out. ''Nydelig. Helt flott.''
''Lovely. Just Perfect.''
He went out, intending to find the fuse for the power in the mess hall. It was dark in the hallway as well, but he had no problem with that. He was used to darkness from earlier night-time missions.
He walked down the corridor towards the fuse room when he heard something. It sounded like a dull grunt of pain. He went to investigate it, wondering why something was making a sound like that. He followed the direction he meant the sound came from, and ended up in front of his own room. Stealthily, silently, he opened the door.
What he saw made him fall to the ground.
New Hampshire, standing over Norn's body with a hunter's knife in his hand. Norn's skull was ba
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No more spartans
Activating translator....
Language to translate: Norwegian to English

''Glem det. Eg kommer ikke tilbake.''
''Forget it. I'm not coming back.''
''Lukas. For ni år siden sa du at du skulle trekke deg tilbake for å tenke. Jeg kjenner deg, du bruker ikke så mye tid på å tenke.''
''Lukas. Nine years ago you said you'd pull back to think. I know you, you don't use that much time to think.''
Two men were standing in a kitchen. Both of them had the same icy blue eyes, both of them were from Norway. Both of them had bodies scarred from fighting. The difference was that one of them had fought his last battle nearly a decade ago, while the other one came fresh from one.
''Kanskje eg gjør det. Eg e ikke frilanseren som dro for ni år siden.''
''Maybe I do. I'm not the freelancer that left nine years ago.''
''Og tatoveringen på brystet ditt? Når jeg møtte deg for femten år siden hadde du en tatovering av et bjør
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Mature content
Anger of the bear :iconfenris97:Fenris97 1 11
South walked towards the briefing room when a boy, perhaps 17-18 came next to him and asked ''Excuse me, have you seen Agent South?'' South stopped and looked at the kid, measuring him up and down. The kid had black hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a rookie insignia on his shoulder, a silver R.
''That would be me.'' Said South.
''Great, I've been assigned to y-hugh'' South was holding the rookie up after his neck. And this time, no armor or A.I. to help him
''What?! Assigned? to ME?!'' South held the rookie with one hand and begun to squeeze harder.
''South! Stop!'' The voice rang with authority.
''F*** you Sammael!'' South yelled back into the microphone, but he felt his grip loosen. He managed to keep it tight enough to hold the rookie up, but couldn't tighten it further. The rookie was trying to pry South's fingers loose from his neck, failing.
''Who said you were assigned to me?!'' South yelled at the kid.
''Thh cphtn'' the kid managed to wheeze out. So
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South entered the building slowly, calmly. I'm a freelancer. Not that he hadn't been all the time, but now it was official. He'd received the message only this morning, arrived at the hq in the afternoon. South Dakota... A girl's name. His armor, grenadier helmet, recon shoulder guards and Gungnir kneeguards, shining black on black, His emblem, a black bear on a golden hexagon, all of it had been fixed good and nice for this.
''You must be Dakot-huhgh'' South held the other freelancer up against the wall by the throat. He saw by the emblem that it was a certain agent New york. He leaned close to the other freelancer's helmeted face and said, in a deadly whisper, ''Don't ever call me Dakota. It's either South, or nothing. Understood?'' The other freelancer nodded as best as she could, being held in a choke-grip with her feet dangling about 30 cm above the floor. South dropped her down to the floor and continued towards the captain's office.
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There are five places where you can stay, four of which are fairly near the university, and the last one being near Bodø Sentrum: Flatvold(Near Sentrum), Skavdalslia, Høglimyra, Hammarlia, and Nedre Hammarlia. There are flats there, which do not have furniture, and Hybels, which do have furniture already.
There are possibilities to learn Norwegian through English.

As for meals, my best advise is to get a small job that won't take too much of your time, and earn some money off that, which you can use to buy food.
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