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Basti's Black 2 Nuzlocke part 49
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Published: September 4, 2019
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Well shit! You've really done it now, Kissi!

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EDIT: It seems I made a couple typos. Sorry about that ^^' 
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eeey update!
so Plasma was more successful here than in the game, right?
is Roxies' dad gonna show up?
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Kept you waiting, huh? XD
Yeah, pretty much! 
 Maaaybe he will... 

(Props on your LillieLocke btw, it's really funny)
Velink's avatar
oooh thanks, man!
It is not as well drawn as your comic, but I am aiming for speed
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What feline ferocity! You'd think he'd have learned about the disadvantage of being outnumbered. And if you haven't bodily tackled your cat to the ground can you REALLY say you've ever owned one?
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Well ,you know, sometimes you just have to assert dominance when they get unruly  XD
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Man, really dig how dark the plasma origins are in this story.
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Yeah, this is pretty much how I imagine Plasma would've acted if they were real.

Glad you dig it, btw!
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Famaly? Don't you mean Family? Befor? You mean Before.

You made two typos. Famaly should be Family, Befor should be Before.
Fenris88's avatar
Ooops! Yes, that is indeed what I meant. It got pretty late when I was editing this last night, and they were able to slip past me. Oh well...
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ZichqecHobbyist General Artist
You don't need to be rude about it, I'm pretty sure english isn't their first language. Also you missed Fraised instead of Phrased, which was the more obvious one.
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I wasn't being rude, I was only helping. If I was being rude, wouldn't I have resorted to name calling and verbal bashing?
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LoneMidnightLupusHobbyist Digital Artist
I do like the view of the antagonists look more and more so as a gang-like cult even with a uniform. Even now with their rugged simple look.
Fenris88's avatar
Glad you do.
I would liken to a pretty facade that's been shattered to reveal the ugliness beneath.
In Black and White 1 Plasma tried to come off as kind and benevolent (even though their goals were anything but) with clean bright pristine uniforms etc.
But now, in the second game, the mask has come completely off  and their just a bunch of thugs trying to conquer the region through force. 
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