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Sculpt tutorial for cast bases

Alternate title: how I go about making my sculpts.

Time elapsed: About 2-3hrs.
Materials: about 5lbs Jolly King sulfur free plastiline clay, two 2in acrylic eye blanks, an eBay head form. (Optional-duct tape and plastic bag for covering your mannequin.
References: a few Googled images of feline musculature, my RMI catalog, and my lovely cat Eclipse.

Surely not a comprehensive tutorial, more of a set of points to think on.

Part one in a series, stay tuned for the rest!
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I know this was posted a while back but would you suggest using apoxie sculpt for sculpting?
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Great tutorial I'll have to get me some of those eye blanks for my future blanks. My current one doesn't really matter (it's toony) but, the future ones definitely. 
What would you say would be the biggest thing to worry about working on a mannequin that may not be the correct size? I'm having to work on a cosmopolitan head and while it served it's purpose with my last sculpt and partial mask I'm a bit worried about the chin to forehead proportions though I suppose if I had that layer of foam first it helps with the issue. Since I'm attempting one of my first though so I thought I'd ask. I'd love to avoid making mistakes that could cost me silicone
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When this tutorial said no water-based clay, does that mean that you can't use air-dry clay?
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from what I understand its possible if it's oil based though for this I don't find air-dry useful. I use monster clay since it doesn't dry out. The thing about the non air dry is you can use it over and over and over for years and for projects like this you can actually sit it down and go somewhere else while air dry you have to stay with it constantly.Personally I think the plasticine is a bit easier to manipulate too. The thing about air dry is you've got to wet it A-lot and working on something like this you have to take a lot of time and air dry cracks and cracks will appear on the silicone. So typically air dry is only used when making the dividing wall for that reason
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Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you ^^ 
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No problem.'s got a good deal on 5lb. MonsterClay plasticine if your looking for some good clay and I have to say Monster Clay is the best I've ever used and one of the most recommended by industry professionals
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can plasticine clay be used for this, without having a reaction?
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Fantastic tutorial, thanks :)
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Thanks for sharing~ ^^
so for sizing it for other face shapes, just be sure to make the mask bigger/wider?
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The most useful measurement I use is the width across the eyebrows, which is easiest to get by holding a measuring tape or a ruler against your forehead in the mirror. Generally if you get that measurement right, it will fit even if it's made on an undersized mannequin.
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oh ok, thanks! sorry my brain's been derping at that for a while now o.e
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It's all good! I had to learn that bit the hard way, hopefully I can spare you that!
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^^ hehe I know how you feel, all I ever do is experiment xD
When I eventually make a mask I'll let you know how it comes :) thank you again~
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