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Moral Fascists

By fenrirhound
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It seems vegans know everything about everyone's diet but their own. 

There's a lot of reasons to go vegan, amung them is that the meat industry is apparently causing starvation in other countries. And while that is a good reason to take action, going vegan is a VERY bad way to do it. Why? Because every day thousands of migrant workers, children, and yes, animals, are put through slave labor to toil in the hot sun to grow food they can't afford to eat. Why you ask can't they afford it? Because demand for vegtables is so high that the supply for it has gone up and is no longer affordable for much of the world, including people in the united states. 

"Burt da fruits n veggies r so cheeper than meat" 

No. Fruits and vegtables are cheaper than high quality meats and only in small doses that cannot sustain a modern family for a day the same way meat could. That's right folks, Veganism is actually causing more hunger than helping it

Veganism is hurting more people world wide than the EBUL meat industry and yet they still have the gall to call meat murder. 

Who are the real murderers

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How else is veganism more expensive? It is true that produce, some grains, and beans are cheaper than meat and dairy, however vegan versions are pretty pricey. A few examples include vegan cheese, some mock meats, various nut and seed milks, vegan cream and ice cream, vegan butter, and vegan yogurt. Also tons of vegan ingredients, favorites, and staples have to be imported to thus creating more greenhouse gases by burning up more fossil fuels.

I'm not going to get started on all the supplements that they must take and pay for.
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There are hundreds of places throughout the world where a vegan diet simply isn't feasible because of climate, subsaharan Africa for example as well as my personal go to with this argument: Northen Canada among the Inuit, most of those people depend on hunting and fishing because importing other foods is simply not an option for them. Looking at grocery store prices in Northern Canada paints a horrifying picture for people who argue that a vegan diet is possible everywhere, a box of bottled water for example costs well over one hundred CAD while produce could cost as much as $10 a pound [more than $13 in USD] while a whole rotisery chicken could cost almost $30. Horrifically the response I've gotten from this response by one vegan in particular that I'm not allowed to name for legal reasons is that these people have a duty to animals to abandon their culture and native land for the sake of animals that are neither endangered or abused.

Sadly while Northen Canada could be considered an extreme case it's far from the only one in existence, former boom towns in america now face severe poverty and impossibly high unemployment thanks to the closing of several factories and industries throughout the country, these people are basically trapped within the towns unable to sell their homes and move elsewhere because their homes have no value to begin with. Living is a constant struggle and the option to explore dietary alternatives for what is perceived as moral values is a luxury few can afford
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Last I checked/heard, there hasn't been a single vegan tribe, culture, or other society ever in history. The number of babies and children being sickened (or dying) on the vegan diet is growing plus their parents get charged/lose custody of the children. The vegan diet isn't as healthy or wholesome as it is advertised. There are plenty of other healthy diets out there that trump the vegan diet any day/time like the Nordic, Korean, Mediterranean, Thai, and plenty of others. Let's not get started on the number of vegans that cheat or leave the diet/movement because it proves to be too hard or *shocker* unhealthy. 

Plus too many vegans act like the fact that modern farming methods kill countless animals but they seem to think it is acceptable because the animals weren't killed intentionally.
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Vegans tell us how much we cause slavery in the dairy industry, but yet, they are causing slavery too.
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Go reducetarian.
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I have a vegan friend, but she's not a crazy rabid vegan (Or she wouldn't be my friend x'D ) 
Once we were all eating at Burger King and she was the only one with a salad, but I didn't hear a single comment as my friends and I ate our burgers like animals huahahahah

I'd totally use this stamp, but no premium membership OTL
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I don't eat meat because...  Yknow... Lesbian.
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I thought lesbians ate clams.
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I personally don't.
Not going to risk tasting bad ;n;  But I crave it all the time
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that's ignorant to say about all vegans. my best friends and even my cousins eat meat, but I NEVER tell them to not eat it. :/
and factory farming is causing more hunger than "FAST EFFISHENT HELTHY FUD IN BURGERZ111"
it is not healthier to eat a burger than have a nice dish of chickpea curry.
factory farms require more food than they produce, leaving more starving people.
even the UN said it.
have you ever tried GOING on a vegetarian/vegan diet? you'll understand how much cheaper it is.
Just see , the front page video which even talks about the issue about using more than providing.
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Most of my stamps go out to abolitionist vegans. Which I think we can both agree, are psychotic. 

Second, this has already been debunked.…

Third. Yes. I have. I spent twice as much on food that in the long run didn't keep me satisfied. Leading me to buy more food. Do you not understand that this food actually has to come from somewhere? That it's grown? That it depends on seasons and weather? All of this factors into the price. It may seem cheaper, but really three apples only lasts you one day, that's a dollar-fifty that could have been put to frozen chicken that would last a week. 
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YES. I hate rabid veg*ans.

Yeah, but same goes for uncooked pasta and vegetables to season it, cheap and sustaining for a long time.
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I do too, but I understand what they're trying to do. They're trying to find a solution to a problem that is much deeper than they realize. All good intentions have a bad outcome I suppose. 

Except you need to buy the seasoning and the vegetables, that's like two extra dollars put to one meal opposed to one meal for a dollar that sustains you for a long time. 
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Yeah, true,

Yeah, but seasoning also sustains for a long time, and chicken would have seasoning too...
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But chicken doesn't need seasoning to be palatable. Seasoning Lasts for a long time but it doesn't make the food itself last any longer in your system. 
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Well, neither does stew! And pasta is fine even without seasoning at times.
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Stew isn't very sustaining without some kind of meat. And yeah, some pastas are fine without seasoning, but you can't live your whole life on unseasoned pasta just because you work minimum wage. It's much easier just to eat meat that's mass produced even if it's bad for you or low quality meat. 
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No matter what "Research" they pull from their asses, I'm not giving up my meat.
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Holy crap! How bad have things gotten when you can't even afford to eat the food you grow?
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To be honest, I would eat clean, fresh farm meat if those exist. But, most meat is processed and preserved and into the stores. :( (Sad) And with the way some animals are treated, diseases tend to spring and I don't want that to happen to me. Food Ink mentioned about it. However, they weren't going, "VEGAN ISH THE ONLEH WEAY!!!!1" Mainly, poach meat in a humane, clean fashion was the message. Before someone mentions vegetables, my family NEVER buys pre-cut veggies in the frozen aisle. When at the market, we always pick fresh ones, wash them at home (I just wish the same could be done with meats too) then cut them for cooking. Good Vegans would only change how animals are living in the industry conditions to make it clean and humane. Only the bad eggs are going, "EUTIN' MEET ISH BAD!!!!!!1111"
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I hate it when vegans go morally superior on everyone else.   This was appreciated and useful. :)
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I do believe everyone is unique and some diets don't work for them and some do, and I don't care wither you're vegan or not, its just your thing if you love meat (I can't let go of meat compleatly XD) or don't love meat. Can't we just agree to disagree on diets instead of insulting the people who are vegans?!
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You can expect it to stop when Vegans abolitionists stop insulting everyone for eating meat
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When did I insult anyone for eating meat?!
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