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this was so relaxing to do,, its nice doing sketchier looser stuff HH

yall,, i finished first week at my new job and i ?? really like it ??? actually doin what i studied in school,, chill/friendly coworkers ,, virtually no commute compared to my last job,, if this is the closest thing to adult happiness i hope everyone can experience it at least once even if that sounds kind of sad LOL U__U CHEERING FOR ALL OF U..

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Just lie there and chill, little guy...
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ShootingStarEonHobbyist Digital Artist
AHHH Son,,,,, love this baby sm,,, I really like the colours and mood you chose for this ;w;
And congrats on your new job!! You’re really lucky for landing a job that makes you happy!! :D
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FenoriHobbyist Digital Artist
AAA thank you so so much ;o;!!! :iconblushuplz: Yaa after my not so great last job i'm really grateful ..!!!!
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Darle000salonStudent Digital Artist
So amazing (*☻-☻*)
I like it so much ( ^ω^ )
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MaryAnna16Student General Artist
THE BOY HIMSELF AGAIN ( I swear you are the person that loves this smol boy the most XD )
But am I mistaken or did you draw him standing up first and only THEN you did him laying down because is a bit weird on his neck against the wall - we can always just assume that the cat is just glued to the wall but that would be crazy so lets leave it at that hahahahaha ( maybe its just the shading that turned me off )

But I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOUR NEW WORK AS WELL ! I hope that I can work like that as well one day :"D ( thanks ) Still need to finish my college stuff first but THEN !!! Let's keep doing our best !
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FenoriHobbyist Digital Artist
LOOL YEE ///SOMETIMES I WORRY IF I DRAW HIM TOO MUCH BUT GAHH I REALLY DO ENJOY IT so I'm gonna ride this inspo out as much as I can 😂😂

And oh man you have a sharp eye LOL this actually started from me scribbling him without a background at first so he looked more like he was standing yes, but I didn't feel like doing a boring standing + wall pic so I tried.. Modifying it but I wasn't sure if it turned out quite right 😂 I think i was going for the wall to start near where the grass ends, and he was kind of resting his head on the wall? Yeah I didnt know how to make it look more natural so I left it at that LOLL

AHHH thank you and yes I'm cheering for youu🙏 my first job out of college was,, not so good but yea you never know what could happennn
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MaryAnna16Student General Artist
GO FOR IT ! // Ride that train until the end friend XD If you married the boy at least draw him as much as you can !

Kinda figured that was the case, don’t worry tho, I just noticed because I did something similar before and it's quite noticeable if your REALLY looking for it, at first glance it's really good ^^ ~ It was the cat that threw me off with the perspective tho- for that you can blame him hahahahahaha 

Thanks, Let's keep doing our best ^^ and well... at least now you're in a better place ! Enjoy it while you can and take the most out of this, you deserve it :D !
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Ashie boi :D
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EriaricheriaStudent Digital Artist
awwww!! Baby boy, he is so adorable! <3 
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ArticSageHobbyist General Artist
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Elusion-IndustriesStudent General Artist
You said this was relaxing to draw which is funny because I get this massive soothing feel when I look at this. Perfect job and thanks foe the message of happy happiness message of happiness in the description! I'm glad life is going so well, keep up the good work 👏
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FenoriHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much!!! I'm glad i could convey some of that through in this and yeaa IM CHEERING EVERYONE ON 
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Sori-EminiaHobbyist General Artist
I'm so happy for you that your new job is treating you well!! And this piece is gorgeous - the painted look gives it a really dreamy feel. Great work! ❤
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FenoriHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!! ;;;;
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Must be protected!
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