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Alternative Coat of Arms of Croatia

By fennomanic
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Made this a long while ago and :iconsoaringaven: insisted me to submit it :P

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Nice to see Croatian coat of arms that respect rules of heraldry, and not that mess with the crown that they made. 
Nice CoA still I would point out though that two of the arms are in fact historically incorrect. You see when the current modern design was made it more had in mind the "stylistic symmetry" rather than actual historical validity. I am referring to the so-called "Illyrian CoA" (crescent and six-pointed mullet/star) and the lower arms which is supposedly representing Dubrovnik i.e. the Republic of Ragusa/Dubrovnik. Historical variant of the "Illyrian CoA" is in fact red not blue and is directly taken from the Croatian frizatik's (medieval coins), these symbols and "arms" are considered the oldest known symbols used for Croatia. The arms of the Republic of Ragusa/Dubrovnik are in fact "barry of 8, argent and gules" i.e. shield split in 8 parts horizontally, white and is in fact the same arms of Arpad family, medieval kings of Hungary and Croatia who gave their arms to the republic (who were their vassals) for their use. They continued to use it even when they broke free.

Actual (proper) historical variants:

"Illyrian CoA":…

Republic of Ragusa:…
(same as arms of Arpad dynasty ->…)
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Those aren't lions but leopards  in a lion pose.

Nevertheless it an interesting coat of arms.

Actually they are "heraldic leopards"...they don't have anything to do with natural leopards.…
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Depends on who you ask.

But thanks!
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your welcome dude.
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Much better than actual one. I was thinking about it when preparing Non-controversial Coat of Arms of Yugoslavia.  
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Yeah, the Arm-crown thinggy is kind of odd
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Well duh. Cause it's awesome :P
Also, Kiki spies Wikicommons lions >:3
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Jaaaa .3. Dlamatian Lions .3.
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