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Gluttonous Giant
He couldn’t believe how good food tasted! He wasn’t even aware of having a stomach until earlier that day. Mack’s new found hunger was proving tough to sate. The large foreigner had healed from his litteral crash landing into this world. Up until recently, he had resisted all attempts by any of the Naosu to give him food. He agreed to tea but maybe that had proven to be his downfall.
Mack was running low on energy, his newfound stomach grumbled and churned demanding more of that delicious food. His mind was fogged from hunger, he had to suppress his anger when they cut him off saying he would certainly get sick should he eat any more. Mack was by no means fat. His bulk was mostly muscle designed to hold up his massive seven foot six inch frame. Compared to those who had taken him in, he was certainly a giant. Towering over most of them by at least a foot and often even more. Even the tallest member of the Naosu clan had to crane his neck to meet Mack’s eyes. Mac
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Holly Skellington by FennFeatherDragon Holly Skellington :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 5 0 Issac Skellington by FennFeatherDragon Issac Skellington :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 5 0 Johnathan 'John' Skellington by FennFeatherDragon Johnathan 'John' Skellington :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 6 0 Natalie Skellington by FennFeatherDragon Natalie Skellington :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 4 0 Zackariah 'Zack' Skellington by FennFeatherDragon Zackariah 'Zack' Skellington :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 4 0
One Prince, Two Guards, and a Pie
Reno, Cherry, and Plum were exhausted from their travels around the world. Their quest to find any remaining demons had so far proved fruitless. So far, all they had found were several Magiliths scattered across the land. Now, far south and very far from the ruins of their home, the trio of demons enter a dense forest. Cherry leads the way, holding a map in front of her as they wind their way towards  a clearing.
“Cherry,” Plum speaks up, “Are you sure you're going the right way? It feels like we are going in a circle!”
“This map has yet to be wrong!” Cherry answers, “Whoever Professor Giro was, he left highly detailed locations of all the Magiliths we have found so far.”
Reno stoically reminds his guards, “The legends always called the Magiliths a safe place. At least in Demonia. If any demons have fled this far south, then hopefully they have gathered close to it. Maybe we'll have some luck this time.”
They walk in sile
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Count Noir's Wish
The cold stone floor greets the dark wizard as he slowly stirred. He groans from a horrific headache and rolls from his left side onto his back. His skin bears a deep blue color, a characteristic trait of the tribe of darkness he and his ancestors had lead for many generations. The long, white, silk cloak hemmed with sapphires and fastened by a large ruby he wore was no long pristine, several scuffs and dirt stains had made their home on the fabric. Beneath his coat he wore a perfectly tailored dark red vest with black pinstripes and an equally expertly tailored white dress shirt under it. A golden chain was clipped to his vest pocket, the clip holding a single diamond with the opposite end of the chain attached to a pair of gold glasses currently resting lopsided upon his face. The dark being lacked any sort of legs to speak of, instead a ghost like tail matching the rest of his skin tone and ending in a rounded point makes up with lower half. This is Count Noir Dorchatus, head of the
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It was a moment of quiet the royal Demonia Family had away from everyone and everything. Arthus and Menos stood side by side looking out over the landscape enjoying the peaceful sunset, “Years without war, these moments of peace used to seem so very few and far between.” Arthus notes with a sigh, “Perhaps this peaceful era will be my legacy instead, what I’ll be remembered for as King.” He turns to Menos, “With any luck, what you can maintain between the humans.
Menos looks at his father then back ahead with a smile, “That is my strongest hope right now, father. To keep this peace for all times.” He inhales deeply, “To have war only be stories to Reno, and know he can grow up in a world without such bloodshed and devastation.” Menos then smiles again, “Maybe he will even have a human friend. I would like that.”
Arthus lets out a chuckle, “That would be grand, my son. I know you had a small handful before the
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Sharing Warmth
Following the next hint from Ceres, Kuro and his party travel to what remains of the frozen continent. It sits sadly in the sea, nothing more than rocks and a few snowy peaks, the place could barely be called an iceberg. But this was in 1049. Kuro had gotten a keen sense for finding Magiliths, Velvet nearly jumping for joy at discovering a new one. He holds the odd controller to the pillar causing a now familiar blue light to emerge and pull them through time.
This time, they awoke on ground that was frozen rock solid. Ice and snow now covered the barren landscape, “949.” Velvet was quick to note, “The frozen continent is still just that, in this time.”
“It feels odd to be back in my era,” Menos speaks, “And to not be near Demonia.” he shakes his head, “No, we tried. We failed.... Forgive me, Father, Reno. I should not dwell on that. Let us hurry and find this key fragment.”
Fina turns towards the exit of the cavern, “Fo
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Aquarmia Phoenix Cuddles
King Phoenix lay on his stomach sprawled out on an elongated chair, he hated the summer heat, it was bad enough he was constantly warm from being a fire elemental but the heat of summer on top of it made these months near unbearable. Any chance he got he would slip away and rest anywhere cool. Bright golden feathered wings stretched out letting off massive amount of heat from his body, “I utterly... utterly... hate the summer. Ugh...” he groans staring at the floor, his fingers brushing the across the cold marble as his arms hung off either side of the chair, “I'd give anything to cool down right now”
“Good seeing as you took my chair, “ a heavy weight laid on Phoenix's back bringing with it a cool rush of relief, though it temporally frighten his inner flame, but soon it was calmed as he recognized the voice of his loving wife and queen.
“Your chair?' he asks turning his head slightly to look at her, “I fail to see how this exact chair i
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Finally, after what felt like countless years of fighting and bickering over who own what portion of land, who was allowed to stationed their guards where, who had rights to the various waterways, King Arthus and Emperor Lothair had managed to reach an agreement. The agreement was simply called a truce, a promise to not attack one another. Humans and Demons could walk on the disputed lands and travel the much fought over trade routes without worry of being attacked. Arthus, the mighty Demon King couldn't have been more thankful at the timing of this truce. Him, his son, and most of Demonia were on edge enough without needing to worry about Humans stomping around and causing trouble. Lord Menos, King Arthus' son, and heir to the throne, was going to be a father before the day was out, the doctors were sure of it.
Lady Mira, Menos' wife had gone into labor the night before. Hours later, her body was still wracked with pain, screams of agony erupting from her throat at seemingly random in
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Morning Stretch
“Dad! Dad? Dad, come on. Dad? Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad.” the young demon speaks over and over as he bounces his hands on the mattress.
“The sun is still asleep, Reno,” his father answers pulling the covers over his head.
Reno pouts and tugs on the sheets, “Dad, come on.” He tugs a few more times before losing his grip and falls backwards. The eager child next elects a more direct method, and head butts his father in the side, “You promised!” he speaks with a sneer.
Menos groans and looks towards Reno, still half asleep, “Okay. I'm up... I'm up....”
“Yay!” Reno cheers and slides off the bed, practically bouncing on his feet.
A thunderous yawn sounds from Menos as he pushes himself up and out of bed. How his son had this much energy already, he had no idea. But a promise was a promise, and after much begging from Reno, Menos agreed to begin teaching him how to properly fight. Royal or not, peace treaty or not, knowing self
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Wounded Halloween Spirit Cover Art by FennFeatherDragon Wounded Halloween Spirit Cover Art :iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 5 4
Optimus, Causeway, and the New Year
Optimus stands at the edge of a rugged cliff side overlooking the deep bowl shaped valley below. Looking down, his blue optics catch sight of a thin river of energon as it once more flows across Cybertron's metallic surface. At the river banks, a moderate number of crystal plants shine brightly as they drink the life granting liquid. A soft smile crosses his face at the sight, it would probably take some time before the massive river that once was to refill this valley, he briefly questioned if it ever would.
A soft hum followed by twin trails of glowing blue light race away from the edge of the cliff. Darting under his feet, and causing a warm yet slightly ticklish sensation, the lights race along the ground in their predetermined paths before splitting into separate ways. Optimus watches the sight before lightly tapping one foot against the metallic soil, “I know the others are looking for me. However, I have agreed to meet her first.”
Their return home could not have bee
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Optimus's Christmas Letter
My Dear Elita 1,
Earth has proven to be quite the peculiar planet. The natives can be down right bizarre at time. However, one can easily praise their resourcefulness in the same breathe. They are so small and fragile and yet are willing to risk their lives in order to help us. I wish they wouldn't. Then again, I often wish that no one, metallic or organic, would ever be harm by this war ever again.
A peculiar part of the natives culture is the various celebrations they have throughout one of these planets rotation around the parent star. Would you believe they simply call the parent star 'Sun'? That is both it's formal and informal title, how silly. I'm getting off topic.  Towards the end of the year they have a celebration called 'Christmas'. For the longest of times we have been here, I have noticed this celebration, or Holiday as they call it, gathers most attention of any other celebration they hold throughout the year.
It's only recently that I've been able to fully understa
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Hello to anyone who still watches this account.

So some updates since I'm here. At the end of the month I'm hoping to be graduating college, moving into a new apartment, and starting work with my degree. I'm also engaged and plan to get married, most likely in a courthouse after graduation as well. The big ceremony we both want will come at a later date.

Senior year of college and college in general has taken up almost all of my free time. Last summer was my final summer truly 'free' from responsibility of school or work as I took it off. And spent nearly every minute of it playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I also spent some time helping my fiancé with his youtube and twitch channel with co-op thing. [shameless plug] Cendril89 on both go check him out [/end shameless plug].

As for me and dA, my writing has stall to nearly a halt what with lab reports and poster projects to be done. My muse has been used up trying to write those and make them sound good for grades. I've also started to cross post some stories on Archive of Our Own… Here's your warning contains mature content not allowed by deviantART. I'm not sure what the future of me an dA hold at this time. On one hand, I rarely if ever use this site or account anymore. On the other, I have a sentimental attachment to this account and site that goes back over 10 years and have met and made several good friends here. Long story short, this account is staying put until dA decides to shut down but it will be largely inactive save for a few post here or there. I haven't had the time to be very active in any fandom again due to college and with several life changes about to occur within literally several months of each other I know my time will be at a premium as well.

At this point, I'm living and following a very short term plan. Once things have gotten the chance to simmer down and level out I'll know more. Those who know me from the SD Gundam discord, yes I've been absent but as I said my time is at a premium currently. These next four weeks are my primary focus for right now as passing and graduating college is a must. 

That's pretty much it for this update. I'll see everyone around.


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