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In case you've been wondering where I've been, I'm a heck of a lot more active on my Sonic (and now sometimes Splatoon) account, :iconfennecthunderfox:. I just haven't been making much art that isn't either of those things, so I've been neglecting to be active over here. I don't foresee myself uploading much art here anytime soon, but maybe I will, who knows...

I MIGHT remove my "Gems Personified" pictures since I now know Steven Universe exists. I just don't want people to think I'm trying to make terrible fancharacters for the show when in reality, I made those before I knew the show existed. At the very least I'll delete the folder and move them to scraps. :P

So, yeah. That's about all I can think to say. Maybe I'll post something over here again soon? We'll see. No promises, though.
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Hey, so you've probably noticed that it's been a while since I've updated the pokemon comic. There's three reasons for that:

1. Classes started up again, so I'm getting used to that.
2. :iconswallow88:'s birthday is today, so I've been trying to come up with a gift art for him recently. (Happy birthday, bro!)
3. If I work solely on one thing for too long, I begin to lose interest in the thing, so I've been drawing other things to avoid getting tired of pokemon.

Rest assured, the next page IS coming, it just may be a while yet.
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One: Sorry I haven't been over on this account lately, I haven't drawn anything recently that was both non-Sonic and post-worthy so I had no reason to be over here.

Two: If I were to, hypothetically speaking, draw a traditional comic (based on pokemon specifically) and find some way to scan it. Would anyone want to read it?

Or better yet, would anyone even care?

Of course, this is just hypothetical. If very few people want to see it and I don't get a way to scan it... It just won't happen.

Plain and simple.
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I made it. It's here: :iconfennecthunderfox:.

I'll still keep what Sonic I had here up, but I won't add any more to it.

And, yeah, that's about it. :I
Okay, so recently I've been super hyped about Sonic to the point where I can't really draw anything else. This being said, I'm beginning to feel like I might be annoying all the people who aren't as big of fans as me with said art. So here's the question; Am I allowed to have more than one active DA account?

If yes, then I'm kind of tempted to make a separate DA specifically for all my Sonic related stuff and then I'll use this on to post everything else.

If not, then I guess you guys are just going to have to deal with a bunch of Sonic arts, or I'm just going to have to suppress my hype. And I don't really want to do the latter.

If it's allowed and I go through with this, I'll post another journal linking to said account for anyone who does like my Sonic art.

Just beware I'll probably start drawing and posting shippy things over there. :I

'Kay thanks, bye.
I just saw the concept art. It's... actually not that bad. Here, see for yourself:…
And I was worried...

Clearly Knux is a bit TOO buff and Sonic has blue arms as well as tape on his gloves for some reason, BUT! It's not as bad as I thought it'd be. I actually really like it. 8D

I also like the backgrounds. They sorta remind me of something out of a Myst game. Maybe that's because I've been playing Uru recently, but... Here, take a look:…
You see that building? And that thingy on top? That reminds me of Myst. Again, it's probably because I've been playing Uru, but... pretty landscapes with worn-down buildings and sculptures are a part of my childhood thanks to Myst and seeing that sort of thing in Sonic... it makes me happy. c:

There's even more of that kind of stuff in the video.

Here's the video for the new game:…
The models look a bit... awkward, but, hey. It's conceptual stuff. It can still be changed.
EDIT: have the cartoon trailer, too:…

Long story sort this is making my a very, very happy Fennec.
Here's who I'm willing to take requests from:
I think that's everyone.
If you're going to request something, please make it relatively simple. I know some of you guys like making super detailed stuff and my MS Paint skills just can't handle that. :/
So, yeah that's about it. Request away.
*This journal relates to Sonic Boom and information that was "leaked" about it. If you don't care for the series, skip reading this. I don't blame you for doing so.*

So... I was on the interwebs again when I found my way to THIS. I was quite terrified until I realized there was no way it was real and a writer from the comics said it was fake.

Though I have to say, it did stir up some amusing fan art. Little Scottish Tails, Hawaiian-shirted Shadow, fat Silver, Rouge and Shadow quoting Team Rocket... the list goes on and on. If anything good came from this, it's the fans' reactions. As usual.

I guess whoever made this up decided this series didn't have enough embarrassments shoved upon it. One thing's for sure, I have absolutely no problems with super buff Knuckles now.
And I was nowhere around to celebrate it on the internet at the time. Of course, I had family in town and spending time with them is more important than being on the internet.

Well, in my opinion. Some might say otherwise.

Anyways, random update or something:
-I still do not have scanner access so comics are neigh impossible save for a random mini comic every now and again.
-The Gems Personified concept is still that: a concept. I haven't had time to make any new monsters or talk it over with cutegirlmayra, so it may still be a while until that develops. (Not even sure if it'd be a story or a comic or what. Probably a story though.)
-I've hit a bit of a creative rut. Drawing and writing wise. I MIGHT take a request or two from my FRIENDS, but I'll let y'all know if I actually do that or not.

That's about it. I hope to give you some good art this year, but with me you can never tell. XP (I think everyone knows what I mean by that. Some days your muse and pencil don't communicate well.)

Happy belated New Year!
I got pokemon X now! I'm so happy~!

Of course, I had to restart like, nine times to get my girl Fennekin, stupid gender ratios... Needless to say, I got really good at spelling my girl's nickname, Arisaurus. Yup, I'm making my friends call me that.

... And yeah, that's about it.
It seems to me that no matter how big an art black I'm in or how long I'm in it, I will always be inspired to draw bucket loads of fanart based on something new for a series I love. First it was Pokemon X and Y, now I'm having urges to draw "Sonic Boom" centered things, and that's not coming for a whole YEAR. That's how big a nerd I am. It's probably also something to do with how utterly ridiculous Knuckles looks, but still...

For any watchers that don't like/care for Sonic, I'm sorry, but just as a warning I'll probably be drawing a lot of them.

You have been warned.
I made a new avatar and it actually looks pretty awesome! Didn't think it would look THAT good. I'M SO HAPPY!!!:squee:


Yes, well...

The Dragon Quest comic is coming along, I've almost finished the prologue. Of course, the scanner is still an issue... I asked my dad about it and he said it was a software issue... I hope this get solved. I can't post any traditional art!!! Nuu

Oh well...
I had the day off for labor day, (which is a shocker 'cause I work at an amusement park) and went to the Renaissance Festival with my sister! It was a lot of fun. ^^
I got to see a lot of shows and bought awesome stuff including a snake ring, a Majora's Mask pendant, and an Ocarina! (I know what I'm doing in my spare time. XP) I feel like such a nerd. XD

Good news for people wanting my comic, it IS coming along, but I still do not have scanner access so it may be a few months yet, sorry. Just be patient with me, it shall come eventually. I promise this time.
You ever go back and look at a bunch of old drawings, see some old characters and cringe at your old art? Well, I did that today, and while I was looking at my drawings, I discovered something that was a total mind blow to me.

I have these OCs- Finn and Collette- and these days, Finn is this wacky, random little ditz while Collette is a level-headed stick-in-the-mud. Today, I discovered that at one point, when they were first created, Collette was a happy-go-lucky ditz and Finn was a level-headed logical girl. They practically switched roles. It's had to believe how much a character can change over time, it's like they're completely different people...

In other news, I want to start working on a comic, a fan comic specifically. As much as I'd like to do an original work, I'm terrified at the thought of someone stealing my concepts. And since my fallback career for Chemistry is a graphic novelist/cartoonist, I NEED those concepts to stay my own.

So... you guys get to help me! If I do make a fan comic, (it won't be out for a while due to scanners being dumb) what series should I use as a base? I'm thinking pokemon, but I'm open for suggestions. c:
I'm going to have nightmares because of neopets now. D8
You'll see why when I post my new Daily Dare Screenies.
Oh the horror... and at the same time the hilarity. XD
There's a new type of pokemon.

it's called "Fairy."

No joke.


Why isn't Clafairy confirmed to be one? Why Jigglypuff first? Gardevoir 's a fairy too? How fabulous.


Sylveon is a fairy too.

Need proof?…
I just watched a playthrough of "The Witch's House," a game that inspired me to draw "Broken."

It's messed up.

That ending, man...

I've been inspired by neopets once again. The Altador Cup is gonna start in a month or so, so I've got some ideas now!
But, yeah, neopets art will surly be coming.
Major, MAJOR Hiatus... still ongoing I might add. Idunno... I just don't feel like posting anything at the moment... Hopefully I'll find the drive to start again soon.

So, yeah... see ya.
Never seen it before today. I guess that's an accomplishment on my part. You know, maybe...


That's all I have to say about that.

Onto more important things. I'm on something of an art posting hiatus as I'm just not in the mood to draw anything post-worthy. Hopefully I'll get out of that rut soon. Maybe the upcoming war on neopets will inspire something. (Yes I still use neopets and yes there's a war plot starting, Order of the Red Erisim for the win!)

Heh, I'm lame. XD

See ya'll later.