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Aria: Ib by fennecthefox15 Aria: Ib by fennecthefox15
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Ib (c) Kouri


Before I continue explaining and such, let me just say that this is a different Aria from my Pokemon Persona. Just so you know.

Okay, so I got back into Ib once again. I swear, that's like one of my favorite games now and I have yet to play it myself. What a shame... ANYWAYS! The story here is that Aria went to the gallery to get some inspiration for her own art (hence the sketchbook) and ended up in the alternate gallery in a similar fashion to Ib. (I guess the gallery's hobby now is to eat the guests or something.) Being an artist herself, she's more fascinated by the gallery than scared of it. It's only when a bunch of things come after her that she gets scared.

Oh, and that palette knife? Yeah, that was Mary's. Aria found it and took it with her just in case things got crazy. She's no psycho, trust me. (To be fair though, Mary's actions were totally understandable in her position. In fact, I love all three main characters equally.)

As for her rose being pink, pale pink roses mean gentleness and sweetness. Aria is a very kind and gentle person herself, thus her rose is pale pink. She has eight petals on her rose because five and seven are way overused in terms of numbers. I like eight better anyway. :P
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November 26, 2013
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