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El Bosque de las Metamorfalas


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Changewing's forest.

I could finally gather enough courage to participate at a Deviantart contest. I had a lot of different ideas for my entry, much more original than these two...but at the end, there was just no way around it, the main duo will always be my favorite duo. I had combos such as the double headed Zippleback and Seashocker, a story about a grumpy Snaptrapper befriending a gentle Tide Glider, a young Light Fury chatting with an old Foreverwing and even a dangerous quest in which Bork the Bold and his faithful sheep get into a Changewing nest (which became the base for this picture). Valka and Cloudjumper were also a tempting choice, but the more unexperienced Hiccup and Toothless remained as my more authentic answer to the contest's theme. An empathic duo that teaches us to forgive and do an effort to try and learn more about what doesn't seem evident at first glance.

It required many hours of work, I don't usually draw a lineart for the background, but I thought it would be more aproppiate for this case. I'm not completely sure if I made the right choice, but I still feel quite happy with it.

Changewings (Metamorfala in spanish) are very curious dragons that are able to blend into their surroundings. They only appear as cameos in the movies, but I wanted to interpret them as very timid dragons who prefer to be left alone with their own.

*Edit:  (I forgot a horn of a Changewing. I also made some slight adjustments to the lighting)

Made in Photoshop CC (15.0) and Clip Studio Paint
40 hours

How to train your dragon © Dreamworks
Artwork © Silvia Torres 2019
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© 2019 - 2021 FennecSilvestre
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I see changewings!!!!!

Tnynfox's avatar
Yeah, I looked well into it.
Kiminukii's avatar
Felicidades! Casi no reviso deviantArt pero siempre que lo hago me aseguro de visitar tu pagina y me alegra mucho que hayas sido semifinalista!
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Aww muchas gracias! :hug:
Kitsunal's avatar
GIRL!!!! esto es increible!!!! me ha encantado todos los detalles que tiene, especialmente como has logrado el camuflaje con el ambiente de los dragones, esto es realmente hermoso y un trabajo de un alto calibre!!!!
El estilo que le has dado al fondo tambien es algo muy bello, la gama de los colores, el ambiente, las luces y en especial los detalles de los dragones camuflados, es algo realmente hermoso.

Buen trabajo en el manejo de la camara para obtener una harmonia en el manejo de los personajes.

Mis felicitaciones ♥♥♥♥
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Aww muchas gracias, me da mucho gusto oírlo <3

Quise probar con algo mas complejo ahora que recién expandí la memoria RAM de mi compu, y vaya que si me aguantó mucho mejor todas esas capas.
Igual voy a seguir tratando de ser mas económica al trabajar, para no tener ningún problema técnico en lo absoluto :)
MoombaTroopa's avatar
I'm not surprised this was one of the winners, absolutely stunning. Love the colours and shade and the line work. I would love to learn how to do this type of art. Great job!
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Thank you very much :) It took me a while, but I finally made made a post in Tumblr that maybe could help you have a better idea of what I did:…
MoombaTroopa's avatar
Wow that's amazing, thank you, this will be so helpful. 
FennecSilvestre's avatar
I hope so, you are welcome :)
Mahsira's avatar
This is so beautiful, I like Changewings hides inside the background, it's a really great touch :D. This is one of your greater piece you did in my opinion, I can see the details you put into the background, it's really amazing! 
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Thank you very much! <3 I also wanted to make something more complex to test the RAM extention I bought for my computer recently, which I took very close limits indeed, as it was starting to get a bit slow near the end ^^; yeah, it's definetely one of my bigger pictures so far. It costed a lot of work, but I still had a lot of fun working on it :D
Mahsira's avatar
I wonder how large the file it could be ^^; ,there're details all over the drawing, and the color is beautiful!  I like this one a lot, and I think a lot of people also share the same idea ^____^
FennecSilvestre's avatar
I think it has like 200 layers or something, because it also has a lot of different textures (fun fact: the grass texture is my cat's fur :XD: )
Ugh, I really should start being a little more brave and try to work on less layers. Maybe not on pictures like this because that would just be suicide for me ^^;  but maybe with digital paintings like the ones you're making recently. At least it should be a good excercise. I'm glad you like this picture, though >w<
Kim-cat3120's avatar
This is awesome! Absolutely beautiful color choices.
Gotta admit that I love all the extra dragon lore you mentioned and the changewings in the picture. I've seen wayyy too many HTTYD properties, lol 
Good luck in the contest! Congrats on getting in to the semi- finals!
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Josabella's avatar
Would literally buy this as a massive canvas print, second favorite of the semi-finalists, I'M AMAZED, it's SO beautiful!!! *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) 
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Oh thank you very much, I'm very glad you like it <3 I would love to have a print of it as well, but yeah, I think fanart is not allowed for that.
SilviShinyStar's avatar
¡Me encanta tu estilo! Gran trabajo con todos los dragones escondidos O:
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Aww muchas gracias, hice lo mejor que pude -w-
(Agh, me encantó tu nombre de usuario; también te llamas Silvia? )
SilviShinyStar's avatar
Espero que ganes. :3

Si, yo también me llamo Silvia, qué coincidencia. :D
LittleWhiteRabbitB's avatar
Congratulations! I saw that you made the semi-finals!
FennecSilvestre's avatar
Yeah, I'm so happy! >w< Thank you very much!
ArteArtema's avatar
Es tan adorable con ese estilo cartoon :heart:
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