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Bored. only thing left to do is art!
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Yes. I'm still in San Jose. I've been trying to ride my bike more frequently (particularly, ride it into work). Doing okay with that, actually. Playing harp.

Not so much drawing, I fear. Hmm.
I'm near my limit of pursuit-of-hobbies, I fear.
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I bought a fake version of Photoshop on eBay. (Not really all that surprising, really, but it was plausible. An older version for a little less than the normal after-discount prices for new stuff.) Now I get to wade through the eBay/PayPal dispute process. Let's see how fun that turns out to be! They told me I'm perfectly protected against this stuff.

Key fun points:
* The activation screen didn't appear first thing (the possibly-confusingly-similar Registration screen did).
* The Help - Activate menu item didn't do anything.
* The printing quality on the box isn't really the greatest. (Adobe really likes to show off here.)
* The manual had some very minor wear and tear. The cover isn't quite the super-glossy stuff you'd expect from Adobe.
* The CD surface was printed with inks which seemed to stand out vertically from the disc too much to be truly professional. (Kudos for getting something saying "Photoshop" on the inner plastic part of the disc, though; it's a snazzy little touch.)

If I wanted to pirate Photoshop (which I don't), I have the means to do so myself, and I'm not going to pay anyone to make it more convenient for me....
... and I'd go straight for CS4.
I need to update this journal. I've moved to California.
I haven't updated this since my birthday! haha! that was in January! It's almost August! hahaha. whee!!!

I just had the spiffiest day in a while, though, so I'll post some stuff about what's been going on... I'm up in New York! in Poughkeepsie! Interning for IBM! Renting a room in an unused dorm at Oakwood Friend School (think Quakers, Society of Friends). People here seem to like the dooooodles. I'm thinking of getting a Prints Account or something... :P

I've had a lil bit of car trouble (my car is a white 1988 Volkswagen Fox) but it's all fixed up and more is on the way to being fixed up (going to have the struts replaced- something you're supposed to do every 60,000 miles or so which means we're 62,000 miles or so overdue :P).... the air conditioner may prove more tricky, though. We'll seee....
I got eyeballs for my 21st birthday. Well, contact lenses, really.... close enough.

That's about all; I had a good day lazing about doing not-much :)

The only thing that could have really made it better is some word from milady, or a picture of her to put on my nightstand, or actually visiting her (though that'd be more difficult-  on a vaguely related note, I've been attempting to deal with an inquiry into the speed of a blown kiss. I think that the upper bound for its speed is about 700mph, assuming air is the transmission medium, so it would take at least about an hour to travel from here to milady.) Ah well. I shall think of her nevertheless; all my birthday wishes are for her.

Well- actually, I'll admit, I'd have a slightly better birthday with a car. Or a graphics tablet. But only somewhat happier. :)
I had a tepid Christmas day, but the remaining eleven days of Christmas will be among my merriest.
I have not heard from milady in several weeks. I have no idea what I ought to do.

If you should chance upon her, just tell her that I care.
I'm home for the holidays. No school until January 10. :)
Okay, I took my little sister's kinda shiny camera to the 2005 (First Annual) Southeastern Eucharistic Congress in Charlotte, North Carolina, last Saturday; I only took about 450 pictures. Unfortunately, many of them were made in suboptimal lighting and without a tripod or anything, but I did what I could, and I've been extracting the hilights from the shoot.

On a related note, Scott Hahn is amazing. :)
I just popped onto the DeviantArt IRC channel again. It had been several months since I was there last. My visit was much like my previous visits. There was a bit of a fight between an op and some others and generally unkind remarks being thrown all about, and it seems that some of the people go out of their way to make other people feel unwelcome.

It's sad, really. :(
I have an IBM ExtremeBlue internship this summer. My free time is therefore very scarce. It's fun enough work, lots of money, looks *great* on a resume, but........ it has absolutely killed my free time. Ouch.

Ah well. Having fun anyway.
Ecce! Habemus papam: Joseph Ratzinger, yclept Benedict XVI. Jubilate.