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By FennecFoxen
Sharpie and some generic Tri-C 100-marker set on Strathmore two-ply vellum-finish Bristol paper, 18x24".

I did this just after getting home for Christmas break.
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Dec 12, 2005, 12:40:55 AM
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This is great. I love the rich colors and imagery, the details. It's the sort of thing that would make an excellent poster, and I hope you've kept it on your walls or sold it for a lot of money. You ought to do a print on this one, it's too cool.
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I really like how much each color stands out in its own region, and then seems to flow naturally into the next. Quite chaotic, I like it.
robmrowe0's avatar
Very cool stuff. Lovely gradients. The bottom of the picture looks kinda like a junkyard (in a good way ;p), and the top looks like a bright, airy place, that the inhabitants of the junkyard can but dream about. Something like that, anyway. Your typical "dregs of society live in a pile of junk, dreaming of the world above" type thing. Having said that, why, then, is there a princess in the junkyard? Has she fallen into the world below and can't find her way back? I just don't know. Anyway... that's what I see in this. Hope that didn't sound too waffly. I've been tending to leave long, waffling comments recently. I'll shut up now... ;)
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hey now, waffles are tasty breakfast treats.
tiamat9's avatar
Great looking details and and wonderful colors. The pattern is striking and extremely creative.
calamarain's avatar
Whoah :) Deserves that favourite
FoxMaq's avatar
Holy... this is massive... I like the cold-warm colour interaction :)
You targeted seasons this time? Winter-summer combination? :)
FennecFoxen's avatar
No, not especially. This was the layout from the 100-color marker box, more or less give or take. I thought, "gradient, ooooh, that'll be shiny". Though a seasonal connection may be interesting, perhaps for another one...
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Nice thing about this sort of pattern, I suppose. You can say...

This pattern doesn't mean anything.
It means EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

FoxMaq's avatar
Oh ;) I thought those cold shapes are similar to snow patterns :) More connected to sleep, while warm colours seems to correspond with shapes that are more alive, more summer-like :) Well, magic of colours and patterns I guess :)
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