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he sets out to disentangle a human being
from every dream of the freshness and the grace
and otherworldliness that she first exposed to him
(it could not have been intentional)

What does he really know of this would-be muse?
What did this silly boy really glimpse of her being
as she sat reading (quietly) curled up under a tree by herself

(also, she sang like a nightingale)

Has he more than a memory of her, at the aquarium,
gazing cat-like at the pretty fishes floating by, while he stood back
secretly admiring the grace of her movement, and her long black braid?
(his hair may be longer than hers now, you know)

Is it fair (to her) that the roots of all his inspiration
grow so near to his memory (of her), that
eleven years later, half an ounce of her esteem
should have him walking on air, for the better part of a week?
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uturn190 Featured By Owner May 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow, great imagery
londonrey Featured By Owner May 3, 2010
This is really good. I will say that I had to really sift through it to make something of it, but its interesting and intriguing.. she really has a hold on him, eh?

Very well written, bravo!

p.s. The first stanza is my favorite.
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