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Crystal Blue - Cityside Down by FennecFoxen Crystal Blue - Cityside Down by FennecFoxen
My favorite piece in a while. :) Stuffing it in Landscapes. Not your ordinary Landscape, but that's really what it is! :P

Also see "On A Pedestal" (detail) and the City-Side Up version - and even the sideways version. Speaking of which, unless you have a particular preference, could you leave comments and favorites here instead of on those? :)

Markers on 14x17" smooth Windpower Bristol: sharpies, Fibracolor 100 (you know, that little set of 100 that you can get at any Michaels' or AC Moore or even OfficeMax sometimes or... the ones without a brand listed on the box?) and selected Prismacolors (deco peach, light walnut, putty). The font is Radio. (I got a complimentary copy for pointing out that they had a broken preview application. :D)

This is more cartoony and less doodly than most of my works of late. I actually sort of planned this one out. I even sketched in the little four-armed fairy with pencil before going over it in pen! :) Perhaps we can look forward to more cartoony-doodles of this nature in the future. The abstract stuff is a great way to pass the time, but I don't love it as much.
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FoxMaq Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Nature vs Civilisation - each a twisted reflection of the other.
Love this piece. Though, I'd add a creature that would be a reflection of the fearie. Maybe something carrying a wrench, that would underline the artificiality of the civilized world.

Anyway, a well deserved :+fav:
FennecFoxen Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006
A nice thought, but a wrench-carrying guy would be a trifle too Obvious. A reflection, yes, but better to do something more indirect. 'twould be Artsier that way. :P

It would be a grand idea if I had planned this piece. However, I didn't. The only thing I really sketched out in any sort of detail was the fairy, and that was only when the piece was over 95% complete.

And this is one reason I like doodly unplanned stuff. You'll come up with things you would have never thought you would. :)
caltak Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006
Robot. It should be a robot. :)
FennecFoxen Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006
There will be no robot.
FoxMaq Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Mhm :)
Your call, You do it the way You like :)
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July 30, 2006
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