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Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Hood and Cowl

Made this hood and cowl the other night as a break from commissions. Was going with a futuristic post-apocalyptic look. Really, it’s because I live up here in Canada and it’s freezing, needed something to keep me warm and normal scarves and hats weren’t doing it. The cowl it attached to the corners of the hood and is detachable, the veil covers the eyes from harsh snow/rain/wind and folds back into the flannelette lining

We will be making more, each one one of a kind (OOAK) depending on fabrics. If your interested in having one made, send me a note.

On Tumblr: [link]

More photos on Facebook: [link]

Other stuff I make on Etsy: [link]

My awesome partner/fiance/photographer: :iconidentitypolution:
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Great pic. Nice lens choice.Great angle and depth of field with contrast and running parallel lines. And of course the model and outfit is boss!
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This is badass if ever badass needed a picture for definition 030 loveeeee them boots doe +★
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Can I use this photo as a reference for a drawing?
(No commercial work I would just upload on DA)
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It's funny to see people putting post apocalyptic character with those shoes, they are just not practicle and the post apocalypse mentallity is making things usefull or they are needless

Anyway it still look badass
High boots like that can be quite nice, as they're usually both comfortable and offer some protection against whatever is on the ground. Thick soles can be useful if there's a lot of debris. These particular ones look terrible (no lacing), but that type of boots are a decent option for a post-apocalyptic scenario. You'd definitely want some kind of leather boots with thick soles and toe protection.
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Nope, just industrial chemical proof fire proof boot
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Looks very cool but not futuristic. I love something functional and fashionable. It's not fashionable if it's not functional what is functional is better if it also looks neat.
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se ve super genial!! it's a great pic!!
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There are times when both subject,background and angle are in perfect harmony with each other and this particular photograph is stunning. The contrast, color, pose and of course the subject, awesome. There is so much in this shot that makes it a real winner. The boots, jacket, gloves, pants, dog tags, the pretty face pairing out of the cowl….and angle of the shot on the bridge….I could shoot thousands of pics and never capture one such as this…Again great pic Love 
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Oh my gosh, thank you for the extensive compliment, that's so nice of you!!!! 
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Simply perfect!
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The jacket's awesome; excellent job, it looks very well done. And the pose, the whole outfit--very beyond-end-of-the-world. Really cool. Would you mind terribly if I base the outfit on some character studies for one of my characters off of this? It's exactly the look I was thinking, but I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes.
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I have no problem with that, I'm glad you like it so much!
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OMG! SO BAD @$$! >X,)
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Thank you so much!
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Most welcome~:heart: ^/U\\^
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Thats awesome, really like the combo of functionality and style
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Thank you, I definitly wanted to make it something you could wear every day and not look odd.
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Your welcome :) I like those styles, but they're hard to find in the States, and I'm not creative enough to do it myself, so I have a lot of respect for people who can pull it off.
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Yeah we're up in Canada but there's a lot of places that do free shipping to the States! 
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Oh yeah? Do you have any suggestions of where to look?
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Ebay is your best friend. I get 50% of the things I buy off of there.
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