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Hello Everybody! :w00t:

It's been... the busiest time of my life. Seriously. Honestly, the only person to be blamed for this tight schedule for this term is me alone ;P But maybe I'll start from the very beginning...
In September one of my friends found out that there are some free courses in Information Technology starting in our city in October. We discussed it for a while and decided to enrol on it together. The greatest thing about it is that it takes place every two weeks on weekends. So we thought it'd be easy to study during the week and then attend this course every two weeks.
Later on, as most students, I began looking for a job. The thing was that after this summer I couldn't bear to think that I'd have to work in any restaurant or pub. Besides it would be impossible to work during every weekend (as employers demand) as I enrolled on that course...  Fortunately another friend of mine helped me to arrange giving some private lessons in English:) So currently I'm teaching a few kids (four to be precise :) ), the youngest is 6 and oldest 18. At times it's a real challenge to keep attention of the younger ones, especially that 6 year old. Anyway, I finally feel that I don't waste my time and that my job always gives me a way more useful experience and practice than pouring beer and scouring  dishes :D
But coming back to my schedule... it still wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have classes every day starting around 11.30 or 13.30 and finishing around 16.40 or 18.10. We've got some slots  that drive me mad plus I've got to add around 3-4 hours a day for commuting. So when I'm finally home I'm ravenous, tired and the last thing I think about is that all stuff to do for the next day. :faint:
I've just been trying to to bite the bullet this term, work hard and keep myself away from complaining. It doesn't always work, though.
There are some critical moments every now and then but I look forward to Christmas and later on to the winter break which would bring a new timetable. Maybe next term would be a little bit different?Or am I naive? ;P
I considered dropping out of the course to have more time to catch up with everything during weekends... but somehow I just can't. It's so enjoyable plus the stuff they're talking about is really interesting :).

Anyway, I've been away from dA for the longest period in my life (yeah, sad, isn't it? *sniff*). The same goes for photomanipulations. And groups. And honestly for almost everything I enjoy.
I sneak with my Nikon (I finally bought it a little bit more than a month ago :D) whenever possible to take some photos and relax in the nearby park. Most of the photos go to my stock account these days, however I also set up a new account which I devoted entirely for my amateur photographies (I thought it'd be better to set up a new account than to flood your devboxes with too many works which you may not even give a damn about ;P). So if you're interested, let me invite you to: :aww:

And to cut a long story short, this is what I've been doing for the last three months.

So I'm in seventh heaven to finally have some more time to dash off this journal and feature some awesome works.
Please, accept my apology for not supporting you enough these days, I hope to make up for it during Christmas.

Hope you're doing well :heart:

Ps. Anyone also hooked on Nightwish new album "Imaginaerum"? :D :heart:


Deine Zeit ist gekommen by LadyEvilArts .: BENEATH MY WINGS :. by brethdesign Fear by sasha-fantom:thumb264028432::thumb269191618: Winterheart by EmberRoseArt:thumb265060223::thumb212402123: Don't Fear The Reaper by LadyEvilArts Open your Eyes by Consuelo-Parra Commission: Songhue by Iribel Elf by LilifIlane ElfyBook by ClairObscurArt:thumb205638515: Rapunzel by nina-Y:thumb251660499: Hold On by LaVolpeCimina LoveShot by LadyUndone Who's gonna break my Fall? by whitewinged Sister Gypsy by artorifreedom See The Situation by djaledit Beautiful Liar by TitusBoy25 Medieval Necromancy by frenchfox Cave 2 by Namkoart:thumb262807794: Free your dreams2 by Alosa The Magic of the Rose by mysolitaryground Always love you no matter what by CindysArt Solace by LunarShore Morning Dew by JennLaa Lost by CassiopeiaArt Jack and the Beanstalk by flina En el Paraiso by AndyGarcia666 Peacock Postcard by kuschelirmel stars by BaxiaArt Rainbow gate by jup3nep:thumb257012422:

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LadyUndone's avatar
thank you sooo much for the feature, hon :hug:

i do hope things go better and calmer for you :huggle:
FenneArts's avatar
you're very welcome :hug:
I hope so too ;)
Btw best wishes and Merry Christmas :blowkiss:
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I'm actually really glad to see that despite your busy schedule, you keep being so sweet and motivated! :clap: :heart:

I always love your features because I laways discover so many amazing piece and artists I never paid attention to!
And thanks so much for adding me! :glomp:
FenneArts's avatar
you're very welcome :huggle:
and yeah... I try to think about it this way, especially as I'm halfway through my bachelor's degree...
Okay, best wishes and Merry Christmas, Dear :hug:
Oh and I'm glad that you like my features :D
BaB-Jane's avatar
Late merry Christmas too, lol (hope you had a great time) but I'm not that late to say happy new year, all the good things for you! :hug:
FenneArts's avatar
lol, now I'm a little bit late to say any of these things, yet still I hope that this year will be a good one for you :hug:
and thanks :cuddle:
LaVolpeCimina's avatar
thanks very much for the feature :hug:
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KirstenLane's avatar
Great feature my dear. Take care of yourself real life comes first :hug: :heart:
Brumae-Art's avatar
Thank you very much for adding my work in this awesome collection!
Happy Holidays! :heart:
FenneArts's avatar
thanks :)
and you're also very welcome :blowkiss:
SilEnigmaArts's avatar
Wonderful features Judy sweety ...thank you for adding one of mine in the collection :tighthug:
Insofar as being too busy.....take each day as it comes and dont worry about your time in here. Real time comes first and you are laying the stepping stones to your future life and career...never apologise for that. Just go with it .... those long hours of commuting and studying will all pay off in the end. :tighthug: :blowkiss:
FenneArts's avatar
you're very welcome, Dear :huggle:
Thank you a lot for your encouraging words, I'll try to think about it in this way.
Best wishes... and Merry Christmas :blowkiss:
Alosa's avatar
Very beautiful collection :blowkiss: Thank you a lot for add my work
FenneArts's avatar
you're very welcome :hug:
djaledit's avatar
thank you so much
FenneArts's avatar
AndyGarcia666's avatar
thank you so much for including my art in this collection you made :hug:
FenneArts's avatar
you're very welcome :hug:
mysolitaryground's avatar
Hii dear, thank you, beautiful arts :heart:
FenneArts's avatar
thanks :) And you're also very welcome :hug:
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