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This work was done just to show a concept. Here I used some symbols:
Sun rays and generally lighting was meant to be a symbol of hope, happiness and so on. Upcoming day will soon reach a cliff where is standing a woman. But now she's on the side of darker cliffs. They (and a crow) are symbols of distress. As you can see near the crow is also a clock, which is associated with time. It could be also connected with a proverb "time heals wounds".
But before rays reach the woman she'll stay in a misery.

Just one more notice: I don't know if it's seen, but in the second cliff you could also see a silhouette of a skull.
No more adds from me. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Cliffs: ~alfastock
A model: *Iardacil-stock
Skies: *resurgere and [link] ([link])
Birds' brushes: `spiritsighs
Hair brush: *Trisste
A skull: *Peace-of-Art
Raven: =Shoofly-Stock
Clock: 679503_40246612
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I really like how you explained all the details of your art work. It was nice to add. And this is also wonderful piece.