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Tessik: Character Facts and Background by Fennbothan
Mature content
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Tessik: Character Facts and Background
Art drawn by the epic Acaciathorn, who you should check out :D

Anyway, here he is:

Tessik, middle child of a clutch of five, is a Trandoshan who takes his culture's practices deathly seriously. He's a hunter, shaman, and taxidermist; in accordance with the edicts of his goddess, the Scorekeeper, Tessik seeks out mortal conflict in order to appease his deity, using his captured or killed quarry as sacrificial offerings to the Scorekeeper. To offworlders, it's savage barbarism, but to Tessik, it's as important to life as breath and water; he is very much convinced of the Scorekeeper's sway in the material world, and does not want to displease her. His life revolved around the tenets of huntsmanship, ritual, and struggle.

Unlike several of his kinsman who engage in the same brutal lifestyle, Tessik doesn't rely on blasters; he prefers the old methods. An accomplished martial artist, Tessik uses fist, foot and steel to subdue and slaughter, to devastating effect on those who he can get close enough to. Tessik justifies this counter-intuitive view simply; blaster burns ruin pelts, skins and other would-be trophy offerings, and as stated above, he is not of a mind to risk invoking his goddess' wrath. When he is absolutely forced to use a blaster, where pragmatism dictates, he is bitterly distasteful but nevertheless capable.

From a young age, Tessik learned quickly about what it meant to be Trandoshan, and his upbringing was one of sheer physicality. Learning to fight and struggle to succeed against his siblings was just par for the course, be it for favour or food, and superstition was drilled into him early. The Scorekeeper could see all, would favour the strong and punish the weak; Trandoshans were her chosen but only those who acted in her dictated path could truly call themselves Trandoshan. Naturally, this cultivated a strong sense of competition in young Tessik and his clutch-mates, from as trivial as ownership to as grave as blood feuds.

Hatched in the dying stages of the Republic Era, Tessik's ultimate dream is to hunt and kill a Jedi. With the purges culling an already dwindling number, this seems a long shot, but the Trandoshan is confident that the Scorekeeper will provide, should he simply prove worthy enough in her eyes to pursue the quarry. In this, Tessik hunts -anything-; animals, droids, people, all are fair game so long as they provide a challenge enough. 

As a Trandoshan, Tessik is big. At the age of nineteen by the time of the Battle of Yavin, he was a lofty 203cm, and weighed just shy of 140 kilograms. What makes his stature truly terrifying, however, is his agility and speed; two decades of martial practice had given him not only strength but speed to boot. Add that to a sadistically shrewd mind and you get a monster that can think enough to find a way to track you down, move fast enough to keep a step ahead, and hit hard enough to crush bones and mash innards in short order. It's little wonder he's got a reputation among the Trandoshan people as something of a throwback to the old ways, but one to be reasonably fearful of; sword in hand, curses and hexes at the tongue, he seems almost lifted from the pages of history, awoken with a thirst for blood.

Tessik's key kills have been a bare-handed slaying of a Silverback Wookiee on his rite-of-passage hunt, as well as a juvenile Krayt Dragon, whose fire-scorched bones form a key part in the Trandoshan's traditional witch-doctor-esque attire. When hunting, Tessik wears what is practical, but for hexing and blessings, the Trandoshan favours bone armour (again, Krayt Dragon) and charred feathers, once more hearkening back to older Trandoshani traditions and superstitions to instil fear.


Fun/Random Facts:

Despite performing most tasks with his right hand, Tessik is a left handed writer. His writing is not the neatest, however.

Like many Trandoshans, Tessik tends to prefer to go barefoot than rely on adapted footwear. Tessik's reasoning is that it allows him a better contact with the ground, to better 'sense' things out. Being reptilian, Tessik can 'smell' through his tongue; constantly sampling the air for chemical signals that can help clue him in to what goes on around him.

Tessik, like many Trandoshans, sheds his skin once a year. It makes him extremely irritable and infantile during the tenuous month-long process; ripping clean out of one's own dead skin is a painfully aggravating process, after all.

Tessik fears the cold. Being of reptilian physiology, extended periods of time in sub-zero temperatures has him running the risk of torpor. He's used this to his advantage; chilling himself before trying to bypass thermal sensors, but it's something he is truly terrified of.

He got his scars from fighting his brothers.

By Trandoshan standards, Tessik is rather soft spoken; he doesn't have a very loud or indeed very imposing voice at all.

Tessik's primary vocation is not hunting, but in fact something analogous to a witch-doctor. Among the more superstitious of his kind, Tessik can tend to ill fortune, bless and properly prepare offerings, tend to funerary rites and bestow good fortune upon those seeking it. His status doesn't actually confer any powers or magical aptitude, of course, but as with all religious practice, some take the view it's best not to test this.
I do the old now! Well, in my time zone, anyway. +1 to teh age; do I get a level-up? :D
Valentine's Chocolates
Any cheesier and they're not chocolates anymore!

Milk chocolate hearts + a small shot of dark chocolate in the centre, with some pink sugar sprinkles set into the top. Simples! :D
:iconacaciathorn: sneakily tagged me in this and asked about a character of mine that, for the amount she's drawn him, might as well be hers! Shamelessly I'm gonna take Acaciathorn's modified version of the meme, cause writing up a summary sounds just as fun as the random facts. So here goes!

1. Post these instructions
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people. Specify the characters they should write about(post their icons with their character's name next to the icon). 

Sayar Kal'ir was born and raised on Kothlis, living just shy of Tal'cara, in a household not quite rich but not exactly lacking for money. His father, a legal representative, spent a lot of time travelling between Bothawui and Kothlis for work, whilst his mother worked as a customs agent for Tal'cara's spaceport; it's how the pair met in the first place. Despite being an only child, Sayar was not short for family; his familial clan was one of the bigger on Kothlis, so there was no end of what could be called 'relatives' even if they weren't exactly of the same blood. An adventurous and energetic child, Sayar fell into the hobby of hanno-karts from an early age and quickly turned the hobby into a legitimate pursuit, winning several junior titles before progressing to minor-tier repulsorsports, and later the professional series, signed to SoroSuub's racing team. For two years, Sayar travelled the galaxy as few ever got to; from Imperial Center to Corulag to Naboo and all over, paid to drive the cutting edge in repulsor-speeders provided by the eminent manufacturers, mingle with celebrities and Moffs, and maybe even grace a podium or two. 

Things don't always pan out with happy endings, however, as exposure to the galaxy outside of his own planet gave Sayar an appreciation for what was truly going on in the Empire, especially in regards to aliens like him. There was always that sense of distance, and it didn't take a genius to ask why the local Moff shook hands with the two humans you beat to the podium but not yours, despite you winning. A curious mind inquired, though, and soon Sayar developed a reputation for being outspoken; why were aliens getting the short end of the stick? Cynics might have called it an attempt to garner following among the xeno crowds, but one too many remarks soon landed the Bothan in very hot water; lured into some truly offensive, anti-Empire comments, Sayar's mouth got him fired before his brain could stop him. And that was hardly the end of it; for with stresses of the Rebellion and other upstart groups, the last thing the Empire would tolerate would be a loudmouth punk using a very public forum to trash the status quo.

Despite being only seventeen at the time, Sayar was arrested on charges of sedition shortly after being fired, and without much of a trial, shipped off to Kessel, where the Bothan would spend two years clutching to life with whatever grip he could manage to hold. Kessel was, in all purposes, hell; given just below what was necessary to survive, each day was a fight the Bothan slowly began to lose. A breakout facilitated by the Rebellion would be a saving grace; it wasn't intended for him, but anywhere was better than Kessel. A frail shadow of his former athletic self, Sayar would spend much time post-rescue under medical watch until he was fit enough to be given an opportunity to join the Rebellion proper, enlisting into their meagre star-fighter corps as a Y-wing pilot. He's got little other option than to fight now, the Rebellion is really the only place Sayar can go.

Bullet; Blue Sayar got motion-sick during his pilot training simulations, being unused to the negative-G forces flight could bring. The sim still smells a little..
Bullet; Blue Fluent in Galactic Basic and Bothese, Sayar is also a competent hand with Sullustan thanks to his time with SoroSuub. He can also curse in Huttese.
Bullet; Blue Due to his criminal charges, Sayar's point-tally was erased from the running; SoroSuub lost close to half a million credits from this.
Bullet; Blue Sayar's a sweet-tooth. It's not an issue now, but when he was racing, where every gram of weight was accounted for, it was. Trandoshani flatcakes are a favourite; his personal trainer hated him for even daring to eat one.
Bullet; Blue As social as Sayar is, always in an upbeat mood, he's extremely reserved. There's few people he really trusts; the times he's opened his mouth and bared an honest thought, it nearly got him killed. Friendly, yes; trusting, rarely.
Bullet; Blue Sayar stands at a "lofty" 5′ 3″ tall (160 cm). 
Bullet; Blue For his sixteenth birthday, and as a celebration of his contract signing, Sayar bought himself a pet Sleen he named Jub. He doesn't know what happened to him after his arrest.
Bullet; Blue Quietly, as much as he supports the Rebellion, Sayar wants to go back to his old life. He can't, and he knows it, but if he had the opportunity to go back in time, he knows he'd shut up rather than talk himself into trouble. 


:iconacaciathorn: Koskit ;p
:icondeer-head: Pat the noodly god!
:icondingoat: Ahuska!

Um...And whoever else reads this. You're tagged, buddy! ;p
My First Order!
As the title says, this was my first private order! They loved my koi moulds, and wanted a bit of everything, so gave me some leeway on what to give!

On the left, the bigger one, is a swirl of milk and white chocolate; it doesn't show much but the inside is just layer after layer. The bottom had a really nice tiger striping going on! Pity it didn't come out so well on the outside, you can see some of it on the fins. He's half a kilogram of solid, high grade chocolate. 

On the right we've got some baby koi! Three orange dark chocolate solids, which had an amazing gloss on them, along with two lime w/lemon creme fondants, and a milk chocolate. The smaller koi were where I really got to experiment a little, but I figured not to go too crazy; it was tempting to try a rosewater jelly filled one like a Turkish Delight, but maybe in time. 

I'm told, weeks after the order, the guy's still picking away at the big guy; I think that's high praise! <3
I do the old now! Well, in my time zone, anyway. +1 to teh age; do I get a level-up? :D




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