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The Keeper's Rite - Separation
The sky, clouded and grey, beckoned with its glimmering rays of moonlight through the ebon shroud of the Wasskah treetops. The shards, cutting through the shadows, promised peace and celestial bliss, of a calm beyond the blackness that had long since stood above my head in what I could only estimate to be weeks in this place. Every day since my arrival, the path had become more and more transparent; the voice of the Force seeming to shrink from a clear tone to a mumble, to indistinct whispers, to incoherence; every day since my arrival, I had grown seemingly immune to it.

I knew the promise to be hollow, fraudulent and false as any easy answer, for my sleeping hours had been fraught with peril. As soon as my eyes shut, as consciousness slipped from my exhausted body, I was beset with visions I can only attribute to fear and paranoid delusion. A figure, wreathed in fire, stepping from the shadowy mists of time; its eyes burning with the same smouldering amber as the embers flanking it. The bones of a thousand beings blazoned upon its frame, clattered like demented chimes in the wind, the demented percussive accompaniment of a macabre symphony.

In my dreams, I watched the spirit, for few other words seemed to properly encapsulate its presence, and felt clearly its gaze find me. Every time, those orange eyes would pierce into me, and for a brief moment I felt the heat of the flames as if I were stood within them. The stink of the smoke in my nostrils choking the breath from my lungs, filling my mouth with the taste of copper and charcoal. It was then that I would rouse, often in a panic, and begin the day anew. Another day in the seemingly endless jungle, another day of the overbearing humidity sapping my strength, the heat burning away layers of my willpower to mere scraps. The wildlife I had long since given up the moral refusal to pursue offered no aid; the sustenance from their remains only barely more than the expenditure it took to capture them.

A Jedi, guardian of the Grand Republic and the beings within it, I am. And yet, it has begun to feel as if even this had become just a label; a layer that the planet beneath my feet had worn down and away with each pressing scrape against my form. Human, male, Jedi Knight, all seemed to falter and bend as time had worn on. Weeks, months, maybe it had even been years since my arrival, for as I recount even this I cannot help but question myself; doubt seeping into the very fibres of my being, or what remains of it.

Human, Jedi, Wasskah, beasts, the spirit, the Force. I feel as if I can only just distinguish myself.

And it is in this moment, in this reverie as I stare into the beams from above, I am struck blind. My senses shift, my nostrils commanding from my weakened brain what they could to alert me to their knowledge. Smoky, ashen scents linger in the air; a thin haze of pungent and aromatic odour mixed in with the char. Herbs my nose couldn't recognise, oils I could almost taste but not place, their presence drew me as if against my own will, for where my brain whispered its refusal to comply, my feet demanded to continue their march.

Under the wafting clouds of incense, I was rendered a passenger in my own body; inert in my own flesh and blood.

I don't know for how long I walked in my delirium, in the miasmatic fog billowing around me, but I recognised the site of my arrival; for whilst much of Wasskah was unknown to me, I had ventured to this place many times. My body, perhaps not, but among the nest of trees and arranged stones I had wandered so many times that each crevice and knotted tree root felt as family to me. Familiarity washed over my conscious mind much as the cloud of incense swaddled my physical being; the sensation of home, of comfort that not even the Temple on Coruscant had ever brought on.

There, before me, burned the fires. The chattering of bone an applause to my silent introduction. Amber orbs hovered, wreathed in shadow and fire, the black portals held within directed to me as if to bid me to venture into them, and in so doing, lose myself. I could hear the whispers, the droned chanting among the claps of ivory, as the spirit shifted and moved. Swayed, beckoned, undulated. My eyes faltered as sight wavered, but my ears were drawn to the chants as iron to a magnet; I could not unhear their enthralling call.

I saw from above the spirit, amidst the smoke and grey, hands reach into reality. The chanting grew, whispered into voiced, voiced into shouted, feeling as if attempting to pull apart my skull from the inside, as hands gave way to arms. Limbs, long and unnatural in their visage; thick scars gouged into what I could only guess was flesh. The scent of blood filled my nostrils, ashen and encrusted with the soot of the flames, as the chanting continued to grow in its intensity. Demented, the mantra resonated against every bone in my body and demanded its surrender, its discordant cries bashing against me as waves in a stormy ocean.

And I, a lone figure against the tidal forces of reality itself, bowed and broke under its commanding weight.

Once more, and permanently, I was struck blind. I reached for the Force to guide me, but only the serpentine chants responded; a wall of sound whose thick bounds my cries for help could not penetrate. I commanded my legs to move, but they held fast, as if rooted to the soil, seeping as the trees, deep into the earth. My arms, I sought the lightsaber, so as to shear myself free of my own prison, but fingers refused to budge. Warmth pressed against me, first comforting, then as agonising as an incandescent shard, as the scent of smoke flooded my consciousness once more. A fiery shard pushed through me, struck deep at the very heart of my being, stealing the will of me to cry out for aid. This, unlike the pleasant tones of the incense, was invasive; the smell of charcoal filled my lungs to bursting, the taste of soot blackened my tongue into crumbling. I felt the trickling rush of water against my face and felt the world spin violently; unable to gain a reference to reality, I was left adrift.

 I felt myself float, felt the very essence of my being, my conscious mind, lift. A moment of clarity pierced the miasma, shot through the infernal chanting, as I tried to piece together the sensory data poured over me. Fire, warmth, heat, smoke, pain, touch, taste, smell, it all seemed to appear and disappear in stages; the only constant the hissed incantations and mantras to which language I could not venture a guess.

There was a gasp, I felt, my lungs drawing sharply white hot air in desperation, before I felt...nothing. A disconnent, a miscommunication; I was here, and yet not here, for there were no longer references to reality I could lean upon. Sightless, odourless ,tasteless; the chanting had fallen entirely silent by now, leaving in its wake the deafening roar of nothingness. Oblivion yawned before me, a stretching, oily shadow before my blinded consciousness.  Into the midnight depths, I sank, sank, until I could no longer feel myself fall.

No longer feel anything at all.

Art by ! :D

Story by me. :D
King Biscuit
You come for the King, you'd best not miss. Or have anything in your stomach, cause this thing is a *beast*.

One of -ten- pieces of this pie-sized, soft chocolate chip cookie 'cake' that I make now and then. Some family members requested it for a picnic day and I'm glad to say this monster did not disappoint. It's *extremely* dense, both due to the percentage of chocolate-to-biscuit, but the fact that the biscuit is soft baked; american style! You know, those soft, gooey delicious cookies you can practically bend; not those stiff and crumbly things! 

Okay I may have gone a little overboard on the chocolate. Then again, can anyone ever truly say that? ;p
Belgian Marbled Koi
Some Milk/White chocolate koi I made for work a while ago. Every one of these sold, which was great! <3

The swirling process is surprisingly simple but requires a bit of speed; two bowls of chocolate tempered at once and both added together into their moulds. As the chocolate sets quite quickly at proper temper, you have to move fast to incorporate an even mix of both chocolates, but also in a way that appears random, so you get this swirling pattern around the outside of the mould. The larger koi was a challenge to do this; I instead opted for a thin coat of white and then thicker coats of milk chocolate; almost visible -through- the top white layer.

To think I used to be able to do this easier when my tempering was worse. ;p
Tessik: Character Facts and Background
Art drawn by the epic Acaciathorn, who you should check out :D

Anyway, here he is:

Tessik, middle child of a clutch of five, is a Trandoshan who takes his culture's practices deathly seriously. He's a hunter, shaman, and taxidermist; in accordance with the edicts of his goddess, the Scorekeeper, Tessik seeks out mortal conflict in order to appease his deity, using his captured or killed quarry as sacrificial offerings to the Scorekeeper. To offworlders, it's savage barbarism, but to Tessik, it's as important to life as breath and water; he is very much convinced of the Scorekeeper's sway in the material world, and does not want to displease her. His life revolved around the tenets of huntsmanship, ritual, and struggle.

Unlike several of his kinsman who engage in the same brutal lifestyle, Tessik doesn't rely on blasters; he prefers the old methods. An accomplished martial artist, Tessik uses fist, foot and steel to subdue and slaughter, to devastating effect on those who he can get close enough to. Tessik justifies this counter-intuitive view simply; blaster burns ruin pelts, skins and other would-be trophy offerings, and as stated above, he is not of a mind to risk invoking his goddess' wrath. When he is absolutely forced to use a blaster, where pragmatism dictates, he is bitterly distasteful but nevertheless capable.

From a young age, Tessik learned quickly about what it meant to be Trandoshan, and his upbringing was one of sheer physicality. Learning to fight and struggle to succeed against his siblings was just par for the course, be it for favour or food, and superstition was drilled into him early. The Scorekeeper could see all, would favour the strong and punish the weak; Trandoshans were her chosen but only those who acted in her dictated path could truly call themselves Trandoshan. Naturally, this cultivated a strong sense of competition in young Tessik and his clutch-mates, from as trivial as ownership to as grave as blood feuds.

Hatched in the dying stages of the Republic Era, Tessik's ultimate dream is to hunt and kill a Jedi. With the purges culling an already dwindling number, this seems a long shot, but the Trandoshan is confident that the Scorekeeper will provide, should he simply prove worthy enough in her eyes to pursue the quarry. In this, Tessik hunts -anything-; animals, droids, people, all are fair game so long as they provide a challenge enough. 

As a Trandoshan, Tessik is big. At the age of nineteen by the time of the Battle of Yavin, he was a lofty 203cm, and weighed just shy of 140 kilograms. What makes his stature truly terrifying, however, is his agility and speed; two decades of martial practice had given him not only strength but speed to boot. Add that to a sadistically shrewd mind and you get a monster that can think enough to find a way to track you down, move fast enough to keep a step ahead, and hit hard enough to crush bones and mash innards in short order. It's little wonder he's got a reputation among the Trandoshan people as something of a throwback to the old ways, but one to be reasonably fearful of; sword in hand, curses and hexes at the tongue, he seems almost lifted from the pages of history, awoken with a thirst for blood.

Tessik's key kills have been a bare-handed slaying of a Silverback Wookiee on his rite-of-passage hunt, as well as a juvenile Krayt Dragon, whose fire-scorched bones form a key part in the Trandoshan's traditional witch-doctor-esque attire. When hunting, Tessik wears what is practical, but for hexing and blessings, the Trandoshan favours bone armour (again, Krayt Dragon) and charred feathers, once more hearkening back to older Trandoshani traditions and superstitions to instil fear.


Fun/Random Facts:

Despite performing most tasks with his right hand, Tessik is a left handed writer. His writing is not the neatest, however.

Like many Trandoshans, Tessik tends to prefer to go barefoot than rely on adapted footwear. Tessik's reasoning is that it allows him a better contact with the ground, to better 'sense' things out. Being reptilian, Tessik can 'smell' through his tongue; constantly sampling the air for chemical signals that can help clue him in to what goes on around him.

Tessik, like many Trandoshans, sheds his skin once a year. It makes him extremely irritable and infantile during the tenuous month-long process; ripping clean out of one's own dead skin is a painfully aggravating process, after all.

Tessik fears the cold. Being of reptilian physiology, extended periods of time in sub-zero temperatures has him running the risk of torpor. He's used this to his advantage; chilling himself before trying to bypass thermal sensors, but it's something he is truly terrified of.

He got his scars from fighting his brothers.

By Trandoshan standards, Tessik is rather soft spoken; he doesn't have a very loud or indeed very imposing voice at all.

Tessik's primary vocation is not hunting, but in fact something analogous to a witch-doctor. Among the more superstitious of his kind, Tessik can tend to ill fortune, bless and properly prepare offerings, tend to funerary rites and bestow good fortune upon those seeking it. His status doesn't actually confer any powers or magical aptitude, of course, but as with all religious practice, some take the view it's best not to test this.
I do the old now! Well, in my time zone, anyway. +1 to teh age; do I get a level-up? :D
I do the old now! Well, in my time zone, anyway. +1 to teh age; do I get a level-up? :D




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